Samsung patents granted on 31 July 2012

93 US patents granted on 31 July 2012 and assigned to Samsung

1 RE43,557 Thin film transistor array panel for a liquid crystal display and a method for manufacturing the same
2 D664,727 Lifter for washing machine
3 D664,587 Glasses for watching 3D image
4 D664,542 Monitor for computer
5 D664,541 Monitor for computer
6 D664,540 Tablet computer
7 D664,538 Netbook computer
8 D664,535 Notebook computer
9 D664,534 Notebook computer
10 D664,533 Notebook computer
11 D664,532 Notebook computer
12 D664,516 Mobile phone
13 8,234,718 Method and apparatus for forbidding use of digital content against copy control information
14 8,234,595 Method of designing a mask layout
15 8,234,532 Data transmitting and receiving system
16 8,234,493 Method for transmitting content in home network using user-binding
17 8,234,440 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device with advanced multi-page program operation
18 8,234,438 Operation method of non-volatile memory
19 8,234,352 Method of searching for image forming apparatuses by using server, and host apparatus and system for performing the method
20 8,234,247 Content management system and method for portable device
21 8,234,232 Word-spacing correction system and method
22 8,234,118 Method and apparatus for generating dialog prosody structure, and speech synthesis method and system employing the same
23 8,233,944 Speaker apparatus and method in a wireless telephone
24 8,233,929 Method for managing one or more media types supported in a PoC session in a withdrawal message, and a PoC system and a PoC user equipment for implementing the same
25 8,233,921 Method and system for transmitting/receiving data in a communication system
26 8,233,908 Method and apparatus to dynamically select a frequency between basic service sets in a same channel
27 8,233,902 Apparatus and method for handover in a wireless communication system
28 8,233,860 Power amplification apparatus for envelope modulation of high frequency signal and method for controlling the same
29 8,233,844 Apparatus and method for joint power control in a wireless communication system
30 8,233,828 Developing apparatus, imaging unit, and image forming apparatus including developer mixing container with auxiliary member to circulate developer
31 8,233,822 Belt having a meandering prevention guide and image forming apparatus having the same
32 8,233,814 Developer supplying apparatus and image forming apparatus having the same
33 8,233,812 Customer replaceable unit monitor (CRUM) unit, replaceable unit and image forming apparatus comprising the CRUM unit, and unit driving method thereof
34 8,233,780 Reproducing apparatus and method, and recording medium
35 8,233,748 Image-resolution-improvement apparatus and method
36 8,233,736 Digital photographing apparatus, method of controlling the same, and recording medium having recorded thereon program for executing the method
37 8,233,731 Method and apparatus to encode and decode halftone image
38 8,233,648 Ad-hoc adaptive wireless mobile sound system
39 8,233,596 Providing subscriber information in voice over IP (VoIP) system
40 8,233,539 Method and apparatus for transmitting packet-based image frame
41 8,233,463 Method for constructing virtual backbone in wireless sensor network
42 8,233,445 Apparatus and method for dynamic resource allocation in broadband wireless communication system
43 8,233,426 Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving packet data using multiple antennas in a wireless communication system
44 8,233,398 Apparatus and method for transmitting frame information in multi-hop relay broadband wireless access communication system
45 8,233,363 Method of controlling recording operation and optical disc drive employing the method
46 8,233,360 Optical collimator assembly and optical pickup device including the same
47 8,233,305 Magnetic structures, information storage devices including magnetic structures, methods of manufacturing and methods of operating the same
48 8,233,297 Multi-stage power supply
49 8,233,264 Multilayer ceramic capacitor
50 8,233,263 Multilayer chip capacitor for improving ESR and ESL
51 8,233,223 Telephoto lens system and photographing device including the same
52 8,233,222 Zoom lens system
53 8,233,172 System and method for notification of multi-function peripheral receive job
54 8,233,143 Three dimensional image sensor
55 8,233,141 Shutter pixel, shutter structure including the shutter pixel, and exposure apparatus including the shutter structure
56 8,233,125 Liquid crystal display having a modified electrode array
57 8,233,090 Method of linkage-viewing TV broadcasting program between mobile communication apparatus and digital TV, and mobile communication apparatus and digital TV thereof
58 8,233,068 Decimation filters, analog-to-digital converters including the same, and image sensors including the converters
59 8,233,023 Method and apparatus for controlling intra-refreshing in a video telephony communication system
60 8,233,015 Display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
61 8,232,987 Method for compensating voltage drop of display device, system for voltage drop compensation and display device including the same
62 8,232,984 Thin film transistor array panel having a driver inspection unit and display device including the same
63 8,232,959 Method of displaying an image and electrophoretic display device for performing the same
64 8,232,954 Shift register and organic light emitting display device using the same
65 8,232,941 Liquid crystal display device, system and methods of compensating for delays of gate driving signals thereof
66 8,232,933 Organic light emitting display with compensation for transistor threshold variation
67 8,232,906 Image processing system and control method thereof
68 8,232,904 Folding analog-to-digital converter
69 8,232,835 Charge pump circuit and voltage converter using the same
70 8,232,828 Analog circuit having improved response time
71 8,232,800 Higher-order generalized series parallel imaging method for acquiring high spatio-temporal resolution functional magnetic resonance images
72 8,232,762 Computer and battery charging method thereof
73 8,232,673 Power conditioner and method of managing the same
74 8,232,653 Wiring structures
75 8,232,644 Wafer level package having a stress relief spacer and manufacturing method thereof
76 8,232,638 Interconnection structure having oxygen trap pattern in semiconductor device
77 8,232,631 Semiconductor packing having offset stack structure
78 8,232,613 Germanium silicide layer including vanadium, platinum, and nickel
79 8,232,590 Nonvolatile memory devices
80 8,232,575 Organic light emitting diode display and method for manufacturing the same
81 8,232,551 Channel layers and semiconductor devices including the same
82 8,232,478 Electromagnetic interference noise reduction board using electromagnetic bandgap structure
83 8,232,442 Separation method of aromatic compounds comprising simulated moving bed xylene mixture pre–treatment process and additional xylene isomerization process
84 8,232,200 Methods of forming integrated circuit devices having damascene interconnects therein with metal diffusion barrier layers and devices formed thereby
85 8,232,199 Method of fabricating semiconductor device comprises a photoresist pattern having a desired critical dimension
86 8,232,170 Methods for fabricating semiconductor devices with charge storage patterns
87 8,232,123 Organic light emitting diode display with improved on-current, and method for manufacturing the same
88 8,232,034 Electrophotographic toner and method of preparing the same
89 8,232,029 Methods of fabricating a photomask and use thereof
90 8,232,021 Stack for fuel cell
91 8,232,001 Battery pack
92 8,231,987 Magnetic domain data storage devices and methods of manufacturing the same
93 8,230,599 Method of manufacturing hydrodynamic bearing