Samsung patents granted on 31 March 2015

162 US patents granted on 31 March 2015 and assigned to Samsung

1 D725,851 Tray for dishwasher
2 D725,801 LED light lamp
3 D725,778 X-ray device
4 D725,677 Display screen portion with icon
5 D725,676 Portion of a display screen with icon
6 D725,674 Display screen or portion thereof with transitional graphical user interface
7 D725,662 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface on mobile device
8 D725,661 Stand for television monitor
9 D725,658 Docking station for electronic device
10 D725,656 Keyboard
11 D725,640 Portable terminal
12 D725,639 Stand for TV receiver
13 D725,633 Remote control
14 D725,619 TV receiver
15 D725,618 TV receiver
16 D725,617 Television receiver
17 D725,410 Desk
18 8,997,251 Virtual write protection system
19 8,997,217 Safely processing and presenting documents with executable text
20 8,997,215 Authentication using multi-tier multi-class objects
21 8,997,212 Image forming apparatus to execute user authentication and method of executing user authentication in image forming apparatus
22 8,997,209 Memory device comprising a plurality of memory chips, authentication system and authentication method thereof
23 8,997,128 Optical disc drive having a cable for connecting electric devices
24 8,997,098 Hypervisor-based server duplication system and method and storage medium storing server duplication computer program
25 8,996,964 Nonvolatile memory device and related read method using hard and soft decision decoding
26 8,996,959 Adaptive copy-back method and storage device using same
27 8,996,947 Generation of program data for nonvolatile memory
28 8,996,852 Electronic device and booting method thereof
29 8,996,792 Non-volatile memory devices, methods of operating non-volatile memory devices, and systems including the same
30 8,996,759 Multi-chip memory devices and methods of controlling the same
31 8,996,626 Terminal and intermediate node in content oriented networking environment and communication method of terminal and intermediate node
32 8,996,580 Apparatus and method for generating multimedia play list based on user experience in portable multimedia player
33 8,996,297 System and method for off-route determination via threshold for safe taxi service
34 8,996,292 Apparatus and method generating a grid map
35 8,996,079 Portable terminal with multiple-hinges
36 8,996,068 Electronic paper display unit and mobile communication terminal having the same
37 8,996,067 Method of displaying menu screen in mobile communication terminal and the system thereof
38 8,996,038 Method for providing idle screen layer endowed with visual effect and method for providing idle screen by using the same
39 8,995,924 Method for configuring gain factors for uplink service in radio telecommunication system
40 8,995,913 Method for performing cooperative function automatically and device using the same
41 8,995,894 Image fusing apparatus using carbon nano-tube heater
42 8,995,869 Image forming apparatus
43 8,995,840 Apparatus and method for providing synchronized data by using visible light communication
44 8,995,799 Optoelectronic chips including coupler region and methods of manufacturing the same
45 8,995,781 Method and apparatus for deblurring non-uniform motion blur using multi-frame including blurred image and noise image
46 8,995,708 Apparatus and method for robust low-complexity video fingerprinting
47 8,995,684 Apparatus and method for post-processing and outputting digital audio data in real time
48 8,995,612 Image diagnosis apparatus and method using X-ray
49 8,995,581 Apparatus and method for soft demapping
50 8,995,574 Method for transmitting signals in multi-carrier radio transmission system
51 8,995,569 Quadrature digital-IF transmitter without inter-stage SAW filter and devices using same
52 8,995,563 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving uplink channel sounding reference signals in a wireless communication system
53 8,995,555 Method and system for mapping uplink control information
54 8,995,538 Power distribution method and apparatus for OFDM system
55 8,995,529 Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding motion vector by predicting motion vector according to mode
56 8,995,503 Method and apparatus of selecting transmission/reception mode of plural transmission/reception pairs
57 8,995,501 Method and apparatus of physical layer network coding
58 8,995,475 Digital broadcasting transmitter and receiver, and methods for processing streams thereof
59 8,995,462 Apparatus and method for performing contention based access in mobile communication system
60 8,995,436 Method and apparatus for generating group service flow in a mobile communication system
61 8,995,385 Apparatus and method for UE-specific demodulation reference signal scrambling
62 8,995,353 Method and apparatus for transmitting broadcast data and method and apparatus for receiving broadcast data
63 8,995,347 Apparatus and method for pilot scrambling for enhanced physical downlink control channels
64 8,995,323 Method and apparatus for reducing access overhead from paged device in machine to machine communication system
65 8,995,294 Control and data multiplexing in communication systems
66 8,995,241 Apparatus for driving voice coil motor actuator
67 8,995,239 Recording medium for long-term data retention, recording method, and recording/reproducing apparatus
68 8,995,208 Static random access memory devices having read and write assist circuits therein that improve read and write reliability
69 8,995,203 Non-volatile memory device, driving method of memory controller controlling the non-volatile memory device and memory system including the memory controller and the non-volatile memory device
70 8,995,189 Method and apparatus for managing open blocks in nonvolatile memory device
71 8,995,118 Memory cards and electronic machines
72 8,995,084 Disk drive device with hub and wiring member with increased thinness
73 8,995,083 Spindle motor and hard disk drive including the same
74 8,995,068 Image photographing device
75 8,995,047 Three-dimensional image display and converter therefor
76 8,995,034 Image forming apparatus and method of color revising
77 8,995,003 Method and system for displaying a menu which has an icon and additional information corresponding to stored video data, wherein the icon can selectively display a still image and a video image of the video data with the additional information
78 8,994,988 Image forming apparatus, host apparatus, and print method thereof
79 8,994,973 User terminal apparatus and method of controlling thereof
80 8,994,966 Method of changing position of menu in image forming apparatus and image forming apparatus configured to change position of menu
81 8,994,922 Lens barrel support device and maskless exposure apparatus having the same
82 8,994,913 Display panel and method of manufacturing the same
83 8,994,910 Display panel and method of manufacturing the display panel
84 8,994,903 Liquid crystal display
85 8,994,902 Transparent display device and manufacturing method thereof
86 8,994,888 Display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
87 8,994,867 Image sensor, operating method thereof, and device including the image sensor
88 8,994,854 CDS circuit, image sensor including the same, and image processing device including the image sensor
89 8,994,849 Method and apparatus for increasing dynamic range of image by using electronic shutter
90 8,994,827 Wearable electronic device
91 8,994,795 Method for adjusting 3D image quality, 3D display apparatus, 3D glasses, and system for providing 3D image
92 8,994,785 Method for generating video data and image photographing device thereof
93 8,994,773 Display apparatus
94 8,994,762 Apparatus generating gray scale voltage for organic light emitting diode display device and generating method thereof
95 8,994,715 3D image display apparatus
96 8,994,712 Liquid crystal display
97 8,994,709 Organic light emitting display and method of manufacturing the same
98 8,994,703 Display apparatus having bimetal element which can be controllably bent
99 8,994,701 Backlight unit having light emitting diode
100 8,994,685 Input sensing circuit and touch panel including the same
101 8,994,684 Method of detecting a touch image and display apparatus for performing the same
102 8,994,678 Techniques for programmable button on bezel of mobile terminal
103 8,994,664 Touch screen panel and fabrication method thereof
104 8,994,630 Display, apparatus and method for driving display
105 8,994,628 Display apparatus
106 8,994,627 Liquid crystal display
107 8,994,624 Power supplying apparatus, power supplying method, organic light-emitting diode display apparatus
108 8,994,619 Oled pixel configuration for compensating a threshold variation in the driving transistor, display device including the same, and driving method thereof
109 8,994,618 Display device and operating method thereof
110 8,994,491 Chip resistor and method of manufacturing the same
111 8,994,481 Thin film resonator for wireless power transmission
112 8,994,478 Common mode filter
113 8,994,455 Radio frequency amplifying apparatus having protection voltage varying function
114 8,994,454 Amplifier circuit
115 8,994,453 Power amplifier
116 8,994,444 Proportional to absolute temperature current generation circuit having higher temperature coefficient, display device including the same, and method thereof
117 8,994,432 Semiconductor integrated circuit and method of operating the same
118 8,994,412 Output driver for high voltage and wide range voltage operation and data output driving circuit using the same
119 8,994,337 Balancing method and balancing system of battery pack
120 8,994,333 Battery pack and method of controlling the same
121 8,994,309 Pulse width modulation signal generating circuit and motor driving circuit
122 8,994,281 Light emitting diode driving apparatus
123 8,994,266 Display device
124 8,994,264 Organic light emitting display device and method of manufacturing the same
125 8,994,248 Proximity sensor used by an operation robot and method of operating the proximity sensor
126 8,994,225 Wireless power transmission system and resonator for the system
127 8,994,222 Apparatus for radiative wireless power transmission and wireless power reception
128 8,994,217 Energy storage system
129 8,994,169 Semiconductor packages usable with a mobile device
130 8,994,158 Semiconductor packages having lead frames
131 8,994,136 Digital silicon photomultiplier detector cells
132 8,994,091 Non-volatile memory device having a vertical structure and method of fabricating the same
133 8,994,079 Graphene electronic devices having multi-layered gate insulating layer
134 8,994,063 Organic light emitting diode display and method of manufacturing the same
135 8,994,027 Thin film transistor array substrate, organic light-emitting display device including the same, and method of manufacturing the same
136 8,994,025 Visible ray sensor and light sensor including the same
137 8,994,023 Thin film transistor array substrate and method of fabricating the same
138 8,994,015 Organic light-emitting display device
139 8,994,010 Organic light-emitting display device and method of manufacturing the same
140 8,993,994 Light-emitting device and organic light emitting display apparatus including the same
141 8,993,993 Semiconductor light emitting device and method for fabricating the same
142 8,993,487 Bio disc, bio-driver apparatus, and assay method using the same
143 8,993,441 Methods of forming a thin layer and methods of manufacturing a phase change memory device using the same
144 8,993,439 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
145 8,993,436 Method for fabricating semiconductor device that includes forming passivation film along side wall of via hole
146 8,993,420 Methods of forming epitaxial layers
147 8,993,388 Manufacturing method of liquid crystal display having touch sensor
148 8,993,360 Deposition apparatus, method of manufacturing organic light emitting display apparatus, and organic light emitting display apparatus
149 8,993,340 Device and method of separating cells by using magnetic force
150 8,993,196 Fuel cell system having fuel circulation structure, method of operating the same, and electronic apparatus including the fuel cell system
151 8,993,195 Fuel cell and method of manufacturing the same
152 8,993,175 Polymer electrolyte, lithium battery comprising the polymer electrolyte, method of preparing the polymer electrolyte, and method of preparing the lithium battery
153 8,993,152 Rechargeable battery with terminal through-out portion, terminal plate, and fastening portion
154 8,993,147 Battery pack
155 8,993,144 Three dimensional shaped battery
156 8,993,138 Rechargeable battery
157 8,993,128 Heterocyclic compound and organic light-emitting device containing same
158 8,992,807 Method of manufacturing deformation-capable graphene sheet, deformation-capable graphene sheet, and device using the same
159 8,992,749 Sputtering apparatus
160 8,991,463 Film peeling apparatus and film peeling method using the same
161 8,991,461 Film lamination apparatus and method of manufacturing organic light-emitting display apparatus using the film lamination apparatus
162 8,991,222 Washing machine