Samsung patents granted on 31 May 2011

141 US patents granted on 31 May 2011 and assigned to Samsung

1 D638,870 Camcorder
2 D638,815 Mobile phone
3 7,954,079 Method for compensating performance degradation of RFIC using EM simulation
4 7,954,073 Methods of arranging mask patterns responsive to assist feature contribution to image intensity and associated apparatus
5 7,954,041 Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving a signal in a communication system using a low density parity check code
6 7,954,035 Low density parity check encoder using costas array, and channel encoder of high speed portable internet system comprising the same and channel encoding method
7 7,954,033 Decoding apparatus and method in a communication system using low density parity check codes
8 7,954,032 Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving broadcast data in a mobile communication system
9 7,953,999 Semiconductor integrated circuit device and method of operating the same
10 7,953,992 System in package semiconductor device suitable for efficient power management and method of managing power of the same
11 7,953,986 Method of protecting data saved to recording medium and data storage apparatus adopting method
12 7,953,953 Method and apparatus for reducing page replacement time in system using demand paging technique
13 7,953,898 Apparatus and method for using expansion key in portable terminal
14 7,953,822 Method of and apparatus for downloading data
15 7,953,594 Speech recognition method and apparatus using lexicon group tree
16 7,953,553 Navigator and method for reducing consumption current thereof
17 7,953,551 Method and apparatus for moving in minimum cost path using grid map
18 7,953,545 Method and apparatus for providing traffic information using schedule registration information
19 7,953,474 Apparatus, method and optical sensor module using a tilter for body fat measurement
20 7,953,464 Sliding-type portable terminal
21 7,953,460 Mobile terminal having dual display unit and method of controlling dual speaker and dual microphone thereof
22 7,953,458 System and method for controlling sleep mode operation in a communication system
23 7,953,430 Method of managing radio resources and Node B apparatus implementing the same
24 7,953,412 System and method for performing handover in a wireless mobile communication system
25 7,953,400 Automatic pairing method for Bluetooth.RTM.-enabled mobile terminal
26 7,953,398 Method for receiving incoming call in mobile communication terminal using local wireless communication during user absence
27 7,953,393 Method and apparatus for message management in portable communication system
28 7,953,391 Method for inclusive authentication and management of service provider, terminal and user identity module, and system and terminal device using the method
29 7,953,383 Dual band receiver
30 7,953,371 Local wireless communication module combined with antenna and mobile terminal having the same
31 7,953,365 Apparatus and method for selecting a relay mode in a multihop relay broadband wireless communication system
32 7,953,364 Device for displaying digital broadcasting channel and method thereof
33 7,953,348 Fusing device and image forming apparatus having the same
34 7,953,346 Developing cartridge, image forming apparatus, and method of mounting/separating developing cartridge on/from image forming apparatus
35 7,953,278 Face recognition method and apparatus
36 7,953,273 Apparatus and method for modifying arrangement of colors
37 7,953,254 Method and apparatus for generating meta data of content
38 7,953,184 Direct sampling type wireless receiver and method using the same
39 7,953,178 Apparatus and method for detecting signal in a broadband wireless access system
40 7,953,173 Apparatus and method for selecting a multi-antenna transmission method in a broadcasting system
41 7,953,172 Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving signal in a communication system
42 7,953,165 Transmitting apparatus in orthogonal frequency division multiplexing access system capable of controlling gain for variation of sub-channel allocation and method for transmitting data thereof
43 7,953,150 Signal compressing system
44 7,953,149 Signal compressing system
45 7,953,148 Signal compressing system
46 7,953,119 Method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving downlink synchronization channels in a cellular communication system supporting scalable bandwidth
47 7,953,076 Apparatus and method for reserving session resource in IPv4/IPv6 combination network
48 7,953,059 Apparatus and method for detecting feedback information in a wireless communication system
49 7,953,058 Method of determining transmission rate of control response frame for acknowledging data receipt in wireless LAN
50 7,953,055 Multi-channel MAC apparatus and method for WLAN devices with single radio interface
51 7,953,052 Inter-technology handoff method in an IP-based wireless communication system
52 7,953,045 Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof
53 7,953,042 Handover method and apparatus between different systems
54 7,953,039 System and method for channel estimation in a delay diversity wireless communication system
55 7,953,030 Method and apparatus for controlling power consumption of stations on a CSMA/CA-based wireless LAN
56 7,952,995 Apparatus and method for providing VoIP service
57 7,952,991 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving control information in a single carrier FDMA system
58 7,952,988 Apparatus and method of controlling action change gap in multi-hop relay cellular network
59 7,952,987 Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving a signal in a communication system
60 7,952,973 Method of controlling recording of optical disc device and optical disc device using the method
61 7,952,967 Information recording medium, recording/reproducing method, and recording/reproducing apparatus
62 7,952,964 Method and apparatus to detect land/groove switch position in seek mode, and optical disk drive using the same
63 7,952,956 Variable resistance memory device and system
64 7,952,953 Semiconductor memory device and memory system including the same
65 7,952,918 Method of operating a magnetoresistive RAM
66 7,952,914 Memory devices including multi-bit memory cells having magnetic and resistive memory elements and related methods
67 7,952,907 Ferroelectric random access memory device
68 7,952,906 Information storage devices using magnetic domain wall movement and methods of manufacturing the same
69 7,952,905 Data storage device using magnetic domain wall movement and method of operating the same
70 7,952,867 Portable terminal having long stroke hinge
71 7,952,860 Mobile terminal having extendible keypad
72 7,952,835 Head stack assembly with suspension supporting head slider and hard disc drive including the same
73 7,952,830 Method and apparatus for estimating flying height in a hard disk drive
74 7,952,828 Hard disk drive, method for parking magnetic head of hard disk drive, and computer readable recording medium recording the method
75 7,952,826 Method operating hard disk drive on the basis of predicted defect using hierarchical clustering and curve fit
76 7,952,825 Method and apparatus adjusting reference clock frequency and disk drive using same
77 7,952,768 Method of color interpolation of image detected by color filter
78 7,952,679 Display panel, method for manufacturing the same, motherboard for manufacturing the same and method for manufacturing a display substrate for the same
79 7,952,676 Connection structures capable of reducing distortion of signal
80 7,952,674 Display device having counter-twisting liquid crystal areas and method of operating and manufacturing the same
81 7,952,660 Method of fabricating black matrices of color filter
82 7,952,656 Backlight assembly and liquid crystal display including the same
83 7,952,654 Information processing apparatus and manufacturing method thereof
84 7,952,605 Light scanning unit assembly, electrophotographic image forming apparatus including the same, and method of adjusting scanning line skew
85 7,952,572 Image data driving apparatus and method of reducing peak current
86 7,952,565 Display device and method of controlling touch detection unit
87 7,952,563 Touch position detecting device, method of detecting touch position and touch screen display device having the same
88 7,952,561 Method and apparatus for controlling application using motion of image pickup unit
89 7,952,560 Pointing device for display presentation and method and pointer display apparatus and method
90 7,952,558 Methods for driving electrophoretic display so as to avoid persistent unidirectional current through TFT switches
91 7,952,553 Amplifier circuits in which compensation capacitors can be cross-connected so that the voltage level at an output node can be reset to about one-half a difference between a power voltage level and a common reference voltage level and methods of operating the same
92 7,952,549 Field sequential display apparatus that reduces color breakup and method thereof
93 7,952,548 Electronic display device
94 7,952,540 Organic light emitting display device and driving method thereof
95 7,952,468 Method for originating call
96 7,952,433 Power amplifiers with discrete power control
97 7,952,426 Digital audio amplifier and digital audio amplifying method therefor
98 7,952,415 Level shift circuit and display device having the same
99 7,952,384 Data transmitter and related semiconductor device
100 7,952,379 Substrate testing device and method thereof
101 7,952,278 Protective layer and plasma display panel including the same
102 7,952,276 Organic light emitting display and method of manufacturing the same
103 7,952,275 Display device having a desiccant member contacting a common electrode
104 7,952,271 Organic light-emitting device
105 7,952,266 White phosphor, light emission device including the same, and display device
106 7,952,199 Circuit board including solder ball land having hole and semiconductor package having the circuit board
107 7,952,175 Lead frame, semiconductor package including the lead frame and method of forming the lead frame
108 7,952,163 Nonvolatile memory devices that use resistance materials and internal electrodes, and related methods and processing systems
109 7,952,151 Semiconductor devices including fin shaped semiconductor regions and stress inducing layers
110 7,952,147 Semiconductor device having analog transistor with improved operating and flicker noise characteristics and method of making same
111 7,952,140 Methods of fabricating semiconductor devices having multiple channel transistors and semiconductor devices fabricated thereby
112 7,952,134 Semiconductor memory device and method of forming the same
113 7,952,129 Semiconductor devices having a vertical channel transistor
114 7,952,118 Semiconductor device having different metal gate structures
115 7,952,091 Organic thin film transistor and method of manufacturing the same
116 7,951,712 Interconnections having double capping layer and method for forming the same
117 7,951,671 Method of fabricating non-volatile memory device having separate charge trap patterns
118 7,951,658 Method for manufacturing diode-connected transistor and image display device using the same
119 7,951,653 Methods of manufacturing a semiconductor device using compositions for etching copper
120 7,951,631 Halftone mask, method of manufacturing the same, and method of manufacturing an array substrate using the same
121 7,951,618 Luminescent semi-conductive polymer material, method of preparing the same and organic light emitting element having the same
122 7,951,527 Method of forming an integrated optical polarization grid on an LCD substrate and liquid crystal display manufactured to include the grid
123 7,951,506 Bipolar plate and direct liquid feed fuel cell stack
124 7,951,499 Fuel cell system which cools condenser and mixes air without requiring separate power units
125 7,951,492 Secondary battery and electrode plate therefor
126 7,951,489 Anode active material, method of preparing the same, and anode and lithium battery employing the same
127 7,951,486 Cap assembly and secondary battery using the same
128 7,951,485 Lithium rechargeable battery having an insulating case
129 7,951,476 Rechargeable battery using an electrode assembly having at least one insulating plate
130 7,951,446 Constraining green sheet and manufacturing method of multi-layer ceramic substrate
131 7,951,333 Centrifugal force-based microfluidic device for protein detection and microfluidic system including the same
132 7,951,332 Centrifugal force based microfluidic device for dilution and microfluidic system including the same
133 7,951,218 Dust separating apparatus of vacuum cleaner
134 7,950,945 SIM card connecting device for portable electronic device
135 7,950,823 Lamp fixing unit, backlight assembly having the same and display device having the same
136 7,950,759 Operating method for inkjet head
137 7,950,567 Organic light emitting diode display device and method of fabricating the same
138 7,950,248 Refrigerator having component and storage compartments
139 7,950,150 Method of manufacturing inkjet head
140 7,950,104 Vacuum cleaner having dust-separating apparatus with shutter unit
141 7,950,102 Upright vacuum cleaner having steering unit