Samsung patents granted on 31 October 2006

63 US patents granted on 31 October 2006 and assigned to Samsung

1 7,131,128 Optical actuator
2 7,131,049 Transmission/reception apparatus and method for packet retransmission in a CDMA mobile communication system
3 7,131,042 Semiconductor device and method for testing the same
4 7,130,845 Image retrieval method and apparatus independent of illumination change
5 7,130,791 Computer system and OSD displaying method for the same
6 7,130,669 Portable information terminal having expandable data input unit
7 7,130,668 Method and system for controlling sleep mode in broadband wireless access communication system
8 7,130,661 Apparatus for forming beam in a base station of a mobile communication system
9 7,130,654 Wireless headset having a local area communication module and being detachable from a communication device
10 7,130,639 Service switching method based on QoS in a mobile communication system
11 7,130,543 Bit rate-independent optical receiver
12 7,130,483 Method for enhancing a digital image while suppressing undershoots and overshoots
13 7,130,481 Apparatus for attenuating image-noise adaptively and method thereof
14 7,130,358 Method and apparatus for rearranging codeword sequence in a communication system
15 7,130,295 Data retransmission apparatus and method in a mobile communication system
16 7,130,285 Method for providing concurrent service handoff in a mobile communication system
17 7,130,284 Device and method for performing handoff from async mobile communication system to sync mobile communication system
18 7,130,241 Semiconductor memory device having different synchronizing timings depending on the value of CAS latency
19 7,130,240 Semiconductor memory system and method for multi-sector erase operation
20 7,130,232 Integrated circuit devices having multiple precharge circuits and methods of operating the same
21 7,130,214 Low-current and high-speed phase-change memory devices and methods of driving the same
22 7,130,188 Locking apparatus and method between portable terminal and cradle for terminal
23 7,130,184 Portable terminal with multipurpose earjack
24 7,130,160 Method and apparatus for a micro-actuator providing three-dimensional positioning to a slider in a hard disk drive
25 7,130,132 Zoom lens barrel
26 7,130,003 Thin film transistor array substrate for a liquid crystal display and the method for fabricating the same
27 7,129,997 Monitor case comprising facile detach structure
28 7,129,993 Method and apparatus for processing on-screen display data displayed on screen
29 7,129,977 High-speed image pickup method and controller for image pickup device
30 7,129,957 Color signal processing device and method
31 7,129,921 Gray voltage generation circuit for driving a liquid crystal display rapidly
32 7,129,867 Apparatus and method for correcting DC offset of receiver in multiband-hopping communication system
33 7,129,719 Apparatus for detecting defect in circuit pattern and defect detecting system having the same
34 7,129,655 Image distortion correction apparatus capable of correcting misconvergence using an amplifier
35 7,129,643 Light-emitting display, driving method thereof, and light-emitting display panel
36 7,129,617 Rotary-type comb-drive actuator and variable optical attenuator using the same
37 7,129,591 Semiconductor device having align key and method of fabricating the same
38 7,129,585 Semiconductor device and method of packaging the same
39 7,129,571 Semiconductor chip package having decoupling capacitor and manufacturing method thereof
40 7,129,541 Field effect transistors including vertically oriented gate electrodes extending inside vertically protruding portions of a substrate
41 7,129,517 Semiconductor device with different lattice properties
42 7,129,452 Wall-mounted microwave oven
43 7,129,447 Oven
44 7,129,363 Conductive compound, electrode and sensor containing the same, and target molecule detection method using the sensor
45 7,129,303 Method for producing homo- and co-polymers of ethylene
46 7,129,202 Gemini surfactants and methods for preparing mesoporous materials using the same
47 7,129,174 Methods of fabricating a semiconductor substrate for reducing wafer warpage
48 7,129,118 Protective tape removing apparatus and method of assembling semiconductor package using the same
49 7,129,105 Method for manufacturing thin film transistor array panel for display device
50 7,129,024 Electron beam lithography method
51 7,129,015 Silicon-containing polymer, negative type resist composition comprising the same, and patterning method for semiconductor device using the same
52 7,128,941 Method for fabricating film bulk acoustic resonator (FBAR) device
53 7,128,770 Cyclone dust-collector
54 7,128,637 System and method detecting malfunction of pad conditioner in polishing apparatus
55 7,128,454 Light emitting diode module for automobile headlights and automobile headlight having the same
56 7,128,403 Microactuator and fluid transfer apparatus using the same
57 7,128,297 Imaging device having stand connection
58 7,128,271 Semiconductor integrated circuit and methods for protecting the circuit from reverse engineering
59 7,127,911 Kimchi refrigerators
60 D531,292 Air-conditioner
61 D531,159 MP3 player
62 D531,154 Cellular phone
63 D531,153 Blu-ray disk player