Sony patent applications published on 11 May 2006

26 US patent applications published on 11 May 2006 and assigned to Sony

1 20060101478 Disk tray and disk drive
2 20060101265 Data processing method, program thereof and device thereof
3 20060101108 Using a leading-sign anticipator circuit for detecting sticky-bit information
4 20060101007 Information processing apparatus and method, and recording medium
5 20060099808 Electric viscous fluid device and electronic equipment
6 20060099517 Phase shift mask fabrication method thereof and fabrication method of semiconductor apparatus
7 20060098966 Waterproof type electronic device
8 20060098941 Video editor and editing method, recording medium, and program
9 20060098916 Optical waveguide switch and method of manufacturing the same
10 20060098893 Signal processing device, method, and program
11 20060098813 Rotation supporting mechanism and portable terminal
12 20060098639 Information processing apparatus and method, recording medium, and program
13 20060098584 Transmission device and method, recording medium, program, and control device
14 20060098545 Optical disk recording apparatus and optical disk recording method
15 20060098541 Recorder, recording method, reproducer, reproducing method, and recording medium
16 20060098536 Preheating bulk erase device for optical recording medium, preheating bulk erase method for optical recording medium, and optical recording medium
17 20060098480 Memory
18 20060098311 Micro-mirror and a method for fabricating the same
19 20060098253 Image processing apparatus and image processing method as well as computer program
20 20060098226 Method and system for performing a printing process, method and apparatus for processing information, print server and method of performing a printing process in print server, and program
21 20060098172 Image display apparatus and method, and driving apparatus and method
22 20060098143 Liquid crystal display device
23 20060097757 Integrated circuit die including a temperature detection circuit, and system and methods for calibrating the temperature detection circuit
24 20060097351 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
25 20060096507 TV stand
26 20060096059 Cleaning method and device for objective lens of optical disc device