Sony patent applications published on 16 March 2006

31 US patent applications published on 16 March 2006 and assigned to Sony

1 20060059468 Methods and systems for graphically navigating within a debugger program
2 20060059426 Image processing apparatus, method, and program, and program storage medium
3 20060059411 Method and system for increasing channel coding gain
4 20060059200 Apparatus, method, and program for processing information
5 20060059105 Move component, program, and move method
6 20060059104 Rent component, program, and rent component method
7 20060059103 Return component, program, and return component method
8 20060059102 License source component, license destination component, and method thereof
9 20060059101 Reproduction component, program and method thereof
10 20060059038 Electronic money value conversion device, system, and electronic money value conversion method
11 20060057981 Communication terminal device and amplifying circuit
12 20060057820 Method and apparatus for producing ultra-thin semiconductor chip and method and apparatus for producing ultra-thin back-illuminated solid-state image pickup device
13 20060056833 Image device and method for driving optical system
14 20060056817 Recording and reproducing apparatus and method thereof
15 20060056806 Information processing device, method, and program
16 20060056702 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
17 20060056624 Transmitter device, transmitting method, receiver device, receiving method, communication system, and program storage medium
18 20060056555 Syncronization signal detection apparatus and synchronization signal detection method
19 20060056430 Data processing method, data processing apparatus, and recording medium
20 20060056375 Wireless communication apparatus, wireless communication method, propagation measurement apparatus and propagation measurement method
21 20060056084 Fabrication of MEMS zoom lens structure
22 20060056076 Movable lens mechanism
23 20060056073 Imaging lens and imaging apparatus
24 20060056044 Zoom lens and imaging apparatus
25 20060055823 Flicker reduction method, image pickup device, and flicker reduction circuit
26 20060055815 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus
27 20060055801 Solid-state image pickup device, method for transferring charge in solid-state imaging device and method for manufacturing solid-state imaging device
28 20060055652 Latch, latch drive method, and flat display device
29 20060054988 Solid-state imaging device, method of producing the same, and camera
30 20060054005 Playback apparatus and playback method
31 20060053847 Mobile terminal device