Sony patent applications published on 17 August 2006

23 US patent applications published on 17 August 2006 and assigned to Sony

1 20060185023 Content playback expiation management system, content playback expiration management method, terminal, server, program, and recording medium
2 20060185022 Authoring system, authoring key generator, authoring device, authoring method, and data supply device, information terminal and information distribution method
3 20060184972 Method and apparatus for content selection in a home media environment
4 20060184959 Disk cartidge, disk recording medium device and disk recording and/or reproducing apparatus technical field
5 20060184955 Disc recording and/or playback apparatus
6 20060184954 Disk cartridge, and disk recording and/or reproducing device
7 20060184953 Disk drive apparatus
8 20060184758 Storage device
9 20060184597 Signal processing apparatus, signal processing method, and recording medium
10 20060184262 Coding apparatus and method, decoding apparatus and method, and program storage medium
11 20060183433 Wireless communication apparatus
13 20060183097 Data transmission-reception system and data transmission-reception method
14 20060183023 Anode and battery using same
15 20060182436 Image recording apparatus, image playback control apparatus, image recording and playback control apparatus, processing method therefor, and program for enabling computer to execute same method
16 20060182426 Recording apparatus, recording and reproducing apparatus, recording method, and recording and reproducing method
17 20060182307 Speaker diaphragm, speaker unit and speaker apparatus
18 20060182279 Secure conditional access port interface
19 20060181997 Semiconductor laser drive circuit
20 20060181970 Optical pickup and optical disk device
21 20060181748 Lens unit and imaging apparatus
22 20060181632 Lens unit and imaging apparatus
23 20060181498 Display device