Sony patent applications published on 19 January 2006

41 US patent applications published on 19 January 2006 and assigned to Sony

1 20060015912 Information processing system, information processing apparatus and method, recording medium, and program
2 20060015903 Navigation aids for television user interface
3 20060015882 Disk-type recording and/or reproducing device and method of distinguishing disk-like recording medium
4 20060015860 System and method for storing attributes in a file for processing an operating system
5 20060015826 Hard disk multimedia player and method
6 20060015808 Hard disk multimedia player and method
7 20060015745 Information processing system, information processing device, and program
8 20060015732 Processing system using internal digital signatures
9 20060015723 System and method for authorizing the use of stored information in an operating system
10 20060015720 Information providing apparatus and method, information processing apparatus and method, and program storage medium
11 20060015718 Use of kernel authorization data to maintain security in a digital processing system
12 20060015717 Establishing a trusted platform in a digital processing system
13 20060015689 Implementation and management of moveable buffers in cache system
14 20060015652 Establishing command order in an out of order DMA command queue
15 20060015540 Content system, content terminal, reference server, content program, and reference program
16 20060015412 Information-presenting apparatus, information-presenting method, information-processing apparatus, information-processing method and program-storing medium
17 20060015193 Content search program, method, and device based on user preference
18 20060014560 Earphone antenna and portable radio equipment provided with earphone antenna
19 20060014082 Method of correcting mask pattern
20 20060014066 Ion-conductive polymer, solid polyelectrolyte, and cell employing the same
21 20060013566 Content recording apparatus, content playback apparatus, content recording method, content playback method, and computer program
22 20060013564 Recording/reproduction apparatus and method as well as recording medium
23 20060013562 Recording method, recording device, and recording medium
24 20060013485 Data processing method, data processing apparatus, semiconductor device, and electronic apparatus
25 20060013429 Headphone
26 20060013299 Coding apparatus, coding method, coding method program, and recording medium recording the coding method program
27 20060013239 Communication network system, gateway, data communication method and program providing medium
28 20060013177 Wireless communication system, wireless communication apparatus, wireless communication method, and computer program
29 20060013110 Optical pickup and disk drive apparatus
30 20060013104 Hologram apparatus and hologram recording method
31 20060013094 Optical disk recording and reproducing apparatus, remote controller, and content management method
32 20060013079 Playback system, headphones, playback apparatus and method, and recording medium and program for controlling playback apparatus and method
33 20060012711 System and method for encoding independent clock using communication system reference clock
34 20060012710 Video/audio processor system, amplifier device, and audio delay processing method
35 20060012565 Hard disk multimedia player and method
36 20060012564 Hard disk multimedia player and method
37 20060012557 Data processing circuit, display apparatus, and portable terminal
38 20060012363 Method of production of magnetic disk device and apparatus for inspection of magnetic disk device
39 20060012249 Power supply device
40 20060011775 Reel members and film winding methods
41 20060011000 Drive circuit of oscillation gyro