Sony patent applications published on 30 March 2006

24 US patent applications published on 30 March 2006 and assigned to Sony

1 20060070072 Information processing apparatus, memory area management method, and computer program
2 20060069879 Methods and apparatus for providing a compressed network in a multi-processing system
3 20060069832 Information processing apparatus and method and program
4 20060069769 Method for data synchronization with mobile wireless devices
5 20060069765 Data processing method, data processing apparatus, and recording medium
6 20060069752 Incentivizing software sharing thru incentive points
7 20060069718 Apparatus, system and method for secure information dissemination
8 20060069695 Information processor, information processing method, program and recording medium
9 20060069652 Copy component, program and method thereof
10 20060068820 Wireless communication system, wireless communication apparatus and wireless communication method, and computer program
11 20060068292 Anode active material and battery using the same
12 20060067541 Audio signal processing apparatus and method for the same
13 20060067306 Space diversity receiver
14 20060067196 Optical pickup and optical disk drive using same
15 20060067164 User identification method, user identification device, electronic apparatus, and electronic system
16 20060067114 Storage apparatus and semiconductor apparatus
17 20060067106 Storage device and semiconductor device
18 20060067023 Method and system for ESD protection of balanced circuit board lines
19 20060067011 Magneto-resistance effect type magnetic head and magnetic tape apparatus
20 20060066970 Apparatus and method for writing and reproducing data
21 20060066952 Zoom lens and imaging device
22 20060066549 Flat display apparatus and driving method for flat display apparatus
23 20060065919 Nonvolatile memory device and method for producing the same
24 20060065385 Heat transport apparatus and heat transport apparatus manufacturing method