Sony patent applications published on 31 August 2006

39 US patent applications published on 31 August 2006 and assigned to Sony

1 20060195908 Data processing circuit, reproduction apparatus, data processing method, reproduction method, storage medium in which data processing program is stored, and storage medium in which reproduction program is stored
2 20060195879 Apparatus for outputting content
3 20060195714 Clock control device, microprocessor, electronic device, clock control method, and clock control program
4 20060195709 Information processing device, information processing method, and program used therewith
5 20060195545 Information processing apparatus and content information processing method
6 20060195522 Communication device and connection establishment method
7 20060195509 Content reproduction system, content reproduction apparatus, and content reproduction method
8 20060195486 File management apparatus and method, program therefore, and recording medium
9 20060195438 Method and system for navigating and selecting media from large data sets
10 20060195409 Learning control apparatus, learning control method, and computer program
11 20060195381 Electronic apparatus, charging system and method, charge processing device, storage medium, and prepaid card
12 20060195316 Voice detecting apparatus, automatic image pickup apparatus, and voice detecting method
13 20060195227 Behavior control apparatus, behavior control method, and program
14 20060195205 Data processing method, portable player and computer
15 20060194618 Speaker assemblies and mobile terminals including the same
16 20060194575 RF coverage extension for wireless home networking systems
17 20060194570 Information processing apparatus and method, information processing system, and transmission medium
18 20060194541 Information processing apparatus and information processing method having communication function
19 20060193634 Method for wireless optical transmission of data and wireless optical data transmission system
20 20060193534 Image pickup apparatus and image distributing method
21 20060193457 Communication systems and methods for switching communication services
22 20060193412 Communication timing changing method and device
23 20060193348 Multiplexing device and multiplexed data transmission and reception system
24 20060193216 Object lens drive device, and disc recording and/or reproducing apparatus
25 20060193072 Information recording apparatus and method, magnetic disk producing apparatus and method, and magnetic disk
26 20060193069 Optical device, lens-barrel, image pickup apparatus and electronic apparatus
27 20060192890 Electronic device
28 20060192887 Information processing system, information processing apparatus and method, and program
29 20060192886 Focus control device and focus control method
30 20060192875 Solid-state imaging element, method for driving the same, and camera system
31 20060192857 Image processing device, image processing method, and program
32 20060192856 Information processing system, information processing apparatus and information processing method, program, and recording medium
33 20060192849 Connection controller, communication system, and connection control method
34 20060192774 Switching power supply circuit
35 20060192753 Control signal input system and control signal input method
36 20060192752 Inspection method semiconductor device and display device
37 20060192741 Display device, method of controlling the same, and projection-type display apparatus
38 20060192691 Decoding apparatus, decoding method and program
39 20060192650 Device for giving information to vehicle, vehicle and method for giving information to vehicle