Sony patents granted on 01 April 2008

45 US patents granted on 01 April 2008 and assigned to Sony

1 D565,625 Control knob
2 D565,623 Camera
3 D565,567 Arithmetic and control unit
4 D565,557 Microphone
5 D565,555 Remote controller
6 D565,536 Combined radio receiver and clock
7 7,353,541 Systems and methods for content distribution using one or more distribution keys
8 7,353,540 Information vending apparatus, information vending method, and program storage medium
9 7,353,528 Optical recording medium and its manufacturing method
10 7,353,522 Disk recording and/or reproducing device apparatus including a pair of transport rollers, with at least one fixed transport roller
11 7,353,424 Storage device, data processing system and data writing and readout method
12 7,353,391 Authenticating method for short-distance radio devices and a short-distance radio device
13 7,353,385 Authentication system, authentication method, authentication apparatus, and authentication method therefor
14 7,353,174 System and method for effectively implementing a Mandarin Chinese speech recognition dictionary
15 7,353,173 System and method for Mandarin Chinese speech recognition using an optimized phone set
16 7,353,172 System and method for cantonese speech recognition using an optimized phone set
17 7,353,158 Inter integrated circuit extension via shadow memory
18 7,353,052 Mobile terminal apparatus
19 7,352,925 Photoelectronic device and production method of the same
20 7,352,917 Image processing apparatus and method, and image pickup apparatus
21 7,352,916 Method of coding artifacts reduction
22 7,352,915 Image processing method, image processing apparatus and image pickup apparatus and display apparatus suitable for the application of image processing method
23 7,352,914 Data processing apparatus
24 7,352,884 Image processing method and apparatus of same
25 7,352,828 Receiving apparatus and receiving method
26 7,352,811 Data encoding apparatus and method
27 7,352,735 Communication method, communication system, and communication terminal
28 7,352,726 Communication device, communication method and program for packet communications between two networks that conform to different standards
29 7,352,681 Optical disc for data storage with invisible tracks and method of making same
30 7,352,676 Optical recording medium and apparatus for reproducing optical recording medium
31 7,352,401 Solid-state imaging element, method for driving the same, and camera system
32 7,352,398 Image pick-up apparatus and method for picking up and synthesizing plural images to generate a dynamic range image
33 7,352,380 Thermal head printer and printing method in thermal head printer
34 7,352,359 Method and system for applying gearing effects to inertial tracking
35 7,352,358 Method and system for applying gearing effects to acoustical tracking
36 7,352,334 Wideband antenna
37 7,352,323 Positional information determining apparatus
38 7,352,254 Micro-oscillator, semiconductor device and communication apparatus
39 7,352,041 Magnetic memory device
40 7,352,013 Solid-state imaging device and manufacturing method thereof
41 7,351,904 Information processing apparatus and method, program and recording medium
42 7,351,598 Solid-stage image pickup device and method for producing the same
43 7,351,068 Semiconductor device
44 7,350,706 Contact-type data communication apparatus, transmission and reception apparatus, and transmission and reception method
45 7,350,522 Scanning method for applying ultrasonic acoustic data to the human neural cortex