Sony patents granted on 01 June 2010

65 US patents granted on 01 June 2010 and assigned to Sony

1 D616,877 Mobile phone
2 D616,860 Mobile phone
3 D616,676 Base for video display stand
4 7,730,516 TV-centric system
5 7,730,511 Information processing apparatus, information processing method and program for the same
6 7,730,504 Disc cartridge
7 7,730,456 Methods and apparatus for handling processing errors in a multi-processing system
8 7,730,414 Graphical display
9 7,730,366 Phase error determination method and digital phase-locked loop system
10 7,730,345 Contents furnishing system
11 7,730,304 Device authentication information installation system
12 7,730,300 Method and apparatus for protecting the transfer of data
13 7,730,255 Apparatus, method, and program for recording
14 7,730,184 Digital rights management based on device proximity
15 7,730,165 System, method, and computer program product for remotely determining the configuration of a multi-media content user
16 7,730,119 Sub-task processor distribution scheduling
17 7,730,108 Information processing apparatus and method, and program
18 7,729,925 System and method for facilitating real time transactions between a user and multiple entities
19 7,729,914 Method for detecting emotions involving subspace specialists
20 7,729,725 Methods, electronic devices and computer program products for transferring data stored in an electronic device when a subscriber identity module is absent therefrom
21 7,729,716 Reducing power consumption in mobile terminals by changing modulation schemes
22 7,729,673 Method and apparatus for multichannel signal limiting
23 7,729,660 Communication device, non-contact type IC card mounting same, and information apparatus
24 7,729,610 Imaging apparatus and light shielding member
25 7,729,608 Image processing method and image processing apparatus
26 7,729,591 Data processing apparatus, reproduction apparatus, data processing system, reproduction method, program, and storage medium
27 7,729,590 Digital video stream trick play
28 7,729,558 Image signal, processing device and processing method, coefficient data generation device and generation method used for the same, program for executing the methods and computer readable medium containing the program
29 7,729,545 Signal processing method and method for determining image similarity
30 7,729,499 Speaker apparatus and reproducing apparatus
31 7,729,492 Portable communication device having a multi-axis hinge assembly
32 7,729,425 Image processing apparatus and method, program, and recording medium
33 7,729,400 External cavity type semiconductor laser
34 7,729,396 Laser diode device
35 7,729,358 Transcoding apparatus, method and medium
36 7,729,329 System, apparatus, method, and computer program for radio communication using a preamble part of a packet to determine a communication channel
37 7,729,293 Wireless communication system, wireless communication control apparatus and wireless communication control method, and computer program
38 7,729,280 Broadcast messaging in peer to peer overlay network
39 7,729,228 Optical pickup and optical disc apparatus
40 7,729,215 Optical disc drive apparatus and servo control method for optical disc drive apparatus
41 7,729,060 Lens barrel and image pickup apparatus
42 7,728,874 Video camera apparatus
43 7,728,819 Input device, information processing device, remote control device, and input device control method
44 7,728,812 Portable electronic device, display method, program, and graphical user interface thereof
45 7,728,779 Combined microphone and radio-frequency antenna modules
46 7,728,682 Micro-oscillator, semiconductor device and communication apparatus
47 7,728,668 Variable-gain amplification circuit, receiver and receiver IC
48 7,728,657 PLL circuit, phase shifting method, and IC chip
49 7,728,431 Electronic component, semiconductor device employing same, and method for manufacturing electronic component
50 7,728,343 Light source apparatus and display apparatus and white resist layer
51 7,728,268 Solid-state imaging device and electronic device
52 7,728,223 Flat cable for mounted display devices
53 7,728,215 Playback apparatus and playback method
54 7,727,819 Process for producing a functional device-mounted module
55 7,727,803 Semiconductor device, package structure thereof, and method for manufacturing the semiconductor device
56 7,727,673 Cathode active material, method of manufacturing the same, and battery
57 7,727,672 Battery, method of manufacturing the same, method of manufacturing weldment, and pedestal
58 7,727,610 Compositions for protective films for optical discs
59 7,727,416 Optical device, method of fabricating the same, and liquid crystal display
60 7,727,331 Crystal firm, crystal substrate, and semiconductor device
61 7,727,029 Connector arrangement having multiple independent connectors
62 7,726,820 Projection type display unit having a curved housing
63 7,726,818 Image forming apparatus and method
64 7,726,579 In-chassis TV chip with dynamic purse
65 7,726,441 Acoustic vibratory plate