Sony patents granted on 01 March 2011

45 US patents granted on 01 March 2011 and assigned to Sony

1 D633,510 Display panel with a computer icon
2 D633,472 Headphone
3 D633,471 Headphone
4 D633,462 Mobile phone
5 D633,459 Mobile phone
6 D633,453 Television receiver
7 7,900,256 Communication apparatus, communication method, and recording medium used therewith
8 7,900,222 Optical pickup and disk drive apparatus
9 7,900,180 Semiconductor chip using specification interface
10 7,900,161 Data display apparatus, data display method, data display program and graphical user interface
11 7,900,048 Method for loading an application in a device, device and smart card therefor
12 7,900,035 Electronic appliance and startup method
13 7,899,676 Signal encoding device and signal encoding method, signal decoding device and signal decoding method, program, and recording medium
14 7,899,404 Random access burst transmission scheme
15 7,899,389 Methods, devices, and computer program products for providing a karaoke service using a mobile terminal
16 7,899,322 Photographing apparatus and method, and program
17 7,899,318 Photographic apparatus and photographic method
18 7,899,306 Security system
19 7,899,273 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer program
20 7,899,266 Image processing apparatus and method, recording medium, and program
21 7,899,240 Video pattern thumbnails and method
22 7,899,215 In vivo identification information creation apparatus and identification apparatus
23 7,899,208 Image processing device and method, recording medium, and program for tracking a desired point in a moving image
24 7,899,205 Data content identification
25 7,899,106 Mitigating OFDM receiver interference caused by intermittent signal transmission
26 7,899,104 EL semiconductor device
27 7,899,102 Semiconductor laser, method for manufacturing semiconductor laser, optical disk device, and optical pickup
28 7,898,979 Radio ad hoc communication system, terminal, processing method in the terminal, and program causing the terminal to execute the method
29 7,898,835 Semiconductor memory device and method for operating semiconductor memory device
30 7,898,798 Heat dissipating structure for electronic component and display device
31 7,898,668 Terahertz spectrometer
32 7,898,595 Frame conversion method, frame conversion circuit, and electronic camera
33 7,898,572 Methods and apparatuses for identifying opportunities to capture content
34 7,898,516 Liquid crystal display device and mobile terminal
35 7,898,509 Pixel circuit, display, and method for driving pixel circuit
36 7,898,504 Personal theater display
37 7,898,351 Modulation circuit, modulation method, program and communication apparatus
38 7,898,000 Solid-state image pickup device and method for producing the same
39 7,897,969 Solid-state image pickup device, driving method for solid-state image pickup device, and image pickup apparatus
40 7,897,950 Magnetic memory, a method of manufacturing the same, and semiconductor integrated circuit apparatus
41 7,897,909 Solid-state image pickup device, a method of driving the same, a signal processing method for the same, and image pickup apparatus
42 7,897,427 Method for manufacturing solid-state image pick-up device
43 7,896,708 Connector system with electrical connection and infrared coupling and method
44 7,896,505 Projector and control method thereof
45 7,896,454 Remaining-liquid-amount display apparatus and remaining-liquid-amount display method