Sony patents granted on 01 May 2012

74 US patents granted on 01 May 2012 and assigned to Sony

1 8,171,536 Method and apparatus for authenticating users in a network
2 8,171,507 Using network server to establish TV setting
3 8,171,502 Methods, devices and computer program products for automatically installing device drivers from a peripheral device onto a host computer
4 8,171,294 Additional-information detection processing apparatus and method, content playback processing apparatus and method, and computer program
5 8,171,235 Atomic compare and swap using dedicated processor
6 8,171,222 Memory access system, memory control apparatus, memory control method and program
7 8,171,213 Information processing apparatus and method, and program
8 8,171,197 Main electronic device for communicating within a network and method for operating a main electronic device for communicating within the network
9 8,171,123 Network bandwidth detection and distribution
10 8,170,963 Apparatus and method for processing information, recording medium and computer program
11 8,170,794 Navigation units having multiple operation modes for outputting a current position or a stored position, respectively, and methods and computer program product for operating the same
12 8,170,782 Information processing system, information processing apparatus and method, recording medium, and program
13 8,170,702 Method for classifying audio data
14 8,170,603 Differentiated access to a data item store
15 8,170,589 Mobile station and application server for providing a service to the mobile station and operation methods for the same
16 8,170,486 Wireless headset with FM transmitter
17 8,170,378 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer program
18 8,170,375 Image processing apparatus and method for controlling the same
19 8,170,300 Biometric image pickup apparatus
20 8,170,296 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
21 8,170,269 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
22 8,170,243 Audio output apparatus and vibrator
23 8,170,232 Vehicle-mounted device
24 8,170,222 Augmented reality enhanced audio
25 8,170,219 Size adjustable device and method
26 8,170,206 Enciphering apparatus and method, deciphering apparatus and method as well as information processing apparatus and method
27 8,170,186 Electronic device with motion controlled functions
28 8,170,170 Carrier synchronizing circuit and carrier synchronizing method
29 8,170,127 Receiver and method of receiving
30 8,170,120 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
31 8,170,118 Information processing apparatus, information processing method and recording medium
32 8,170,100 Video-information encoding method and video-information decoding method
33 8,170,097 Extension to the AVC standard to support the encoding and storage of high resolution digital still pictures in series with video
34 8,170,092 Odd-even interleaving while changing the operating mode in a digital video broadcasting (DVB) standard
35 8,170,091 1K mode interleaver in a digital video broadcasting (DVB) standard
36 8,170,090 Data processing apparatus and method using a 32K mode interleaver in a digital video broadcasting (DVB) standard including the DVB-Terrestrial2 (DVB-T2) standard
37 8,170,003 Content recommendation system and method, and communication terminal device
38 8,169,913 Communication-processing method on network-connected equipment and receiving apparatus
39 8,169,876 Optical information recording method, optical information reproducing method, optical information recording apparatus and optical information reproducing apparatus
40 8,169,818 Recording method for magnetic memory device
41 8,169,719 Image capture lens and image capture apparatus
42 8,169,713 Zoom lens, camera module and electronic apparatus
43 8,169,710 Zoom lens and image capture apparatus
44 8,169,644 Thermal dye sublimation printer and ink ribbon cassette therefor
45 8,169,572 Display apparatus and electronic apparatus
46 8,169,560 Liquid crystal display and method of manufacturing the same
47 8,169,555 Liquid crystal display device
48 8,169,537 Control method, control apparatus and control program for photographing apparatus
49 8,169,536 Optical imaging device, and lens control method and apparatus
50 8,169,527 Apparatus selectively presenting distortion corrected image data
51 8,169,523 Solid-state imaging device and electronic apparatus
52 8,169,520 Solid-state imaging apparatus and camera
53 8,169,510 Data processing device, data processing method, and storage medium
54 8,169,499 Solid-state image pick-up device, data transmission method, and image pickup apparatus
55 8,169,490 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
56 8,169,461 Method and system for a quick start camera application in a camera
57 8,169,446 Reflection property control layer and display device
58 8,169,432 Display device and electronic apparatus
59 8,169,418 Displays for electronic devices that detect and respond to the size and/or angular orientation of user input objects
60 8,169,384 Display device and electronic equipment
61 8,169,196 Charging device
62 8,168,986 GaN-based semiconductor light-emitting element, light-emitting element assembly, light-emitting apparatus, method of driving GaN-based semiconductor light-emitting element, and image display apparatus
63 8,168,983 Semiconductor device, method for manufacturing semiconductor device, display device, and method for manufacturing display device
64 8,168,966 GaN-based semiconductor light-emitting device, light illuminator, image display planar light source device, and liquid crystal display assembly
65 8,168,938 Method of manufacturing an optical member having stacked high and low refractive index layers
66 8,168,932 Semiconductor image sensor module, method for manufacturing the same as well as camera and method for manufacturing the same
67 8,168,690 Solvent-free photocurable resin composition for protective film
68 8,168,518 Method for crystallizing thin film, method for manufacturing thin film semiconductor device, method for manufacturing electronic apparatus, and method for manufacturing display device
69 8,168,484 Display device and manufacturing method thereof, and semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
70 8,168,320 Secondary battery
71 8,168,094 Method for manufacturing disc and method for manufacturing stamper
72 8,167,712 Method and apparatus for player replacement in an on-line game
73 8,167,508 Light amount adjusting device and image capture apparatus
74 8,167,253 Flat panel TV stand providing floating appearance