Sony patents granted on 02 April 2013

80 US patents granted on 02 April 2013 and assigned to Sony

1 8,413,224 Method for data transfer in a network
2 8,413,207 Remote control terminal, information acquiring apparatus, information providing apparatus, information providing system, information providing method, and program
3 8,413,203 Program recording and playing apparatus and portable terminal for recording and playing programs
4 8,413,200 Cable television viewing statistics
5 8,413,149 Priority based processor reservations
6 8,413,077 Input apparatus, handheld apparatus, and control method
7 8,412,959 Terminal apparatus, terminal apparatus controlling method, and control program
8 8,412,913 Information processing system, information processing method, and program
9 8,412,871 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
10 8,412,864 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
11 8,412,856 File input/output scheduler using immediate data chunking
12 8,412,715 Information processing apparatus and method and program for controlling the same
13 8,412,650 Device and method and program of text analysis based on change points of time-series signals
14 8,412,573 Data processing system and data processing method
15 8,412,280 Electronic apparatus
16 8,412,244 Receive diversity and multiple input multiple output (MIMO) using multiple mobile devices
17 8,412,120 Phase-locked circuit and radio communicating device
18 8,412,113 Radio communication device, program, radio communication method, and radio communication system
19 8,412,098 Electronic equipment for a wireless communication system and method for operating an electronic equipment for a wireless communication system
20 8,412,097 Methods, electronic devices, and computer program products for coordinating bluetooth and wireless local area network communication
21 8,412,001 Image processing device, method and program
22 8,411,992 Image processing device and associated methodology of processing gradation noise
23 8,411,991 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
24 8,411,984 Image processing device and method
25 8,411,974 Image processing apparatus, method, and program for detecting still-zone area
26 8,411,920 Detecting device, detecting method, program, and electronic apparatus
27 8,411,906 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, image recognition apparatus, and image recognition method
28 8,411,893 Headphone
29 8,411,857 Partial multiple encryption
30 8,411,808 Information processing device, receiving method, and wireless communication system
31 8,411,741 Picture processing apparatus, picture processing method, picture processing program and recording medium
32 8,411,735 Data processing apparatus, data processing method, and program
33 8,411,692 Multi-hop heterogeneous wireless device feature sharing
34 8,411,653 Receiving apparatus and receiving method
35 8,411,649 Bandwidth oriented reconfiguration of wireless ad hoc networks
36 8,411,548 Optical pickup and optical disc apparatus
37 8,411,545 Recording apparatus, master manufacturing apparatus, and method of manufacturing an optical disc recording medium
38 8,411,543 Recording apparatus and control method
39 8,411,499 Recording method for magnetic memory device
40 8,411,397 Power supply apparatus and method
41 8,411,370 Zoom lens and imaging apparatus
42 8,411,359 Stereoscopic image displaying device and a method of manufacturing the same
43 8,411,315 Information processing device, information processing method, and program
44 8,411,243 Display device
45 8,411,237 Liquid crystal device, method of manufacturing liquid crystal device, and electronic apparatus
46 8,411,232 Liquid crystal display with a reduced flexoelectric effect
47 8,411,195 Focus direction detection confidence system and method
48 8,411,186 Solid state imaging device, imaging apparatus, and AD conversion method
49 8,411,183 Solid-state imaging device and driving method as well as electronic appartus
50 8,411,180 Solid-state imaging device, camera system, solid-state imaging device reading method and program
51 8,411,179 Imaging device, method of converting read-out signal, and camera
52 8,411,173 Black level correction circuit and solid-state imaging device
53 8,411,165 Microphone apparatus, reproducing apparatus, and image taking apparatus
54 8,411,161 Apparatus for automatic estimate of the angle in tilted images for level correction
55 8,411,134 Image signal processing apparatus, image signal processing method, and image projection apparatus
56 8,411,104 Image processing device and image display system
57 8,411,064 Contact detecting device, display device, and contact detecting method
58 8,411,058 Method and system for tactile display
59 8,411,050 Touch interface having microphone to determine touch impact strength
60 8,411,049 Information processing apparatus
61 8,411,045 Touch sensitive displays with coplanar capacitive touch and proximity sensor pads and related touch panels
62 8,411,016 Scanning drive circuit and display device including the same
63 8,411,014 Signal processing circuit and method
64 8,410,989 Antenna structure including radiating conductor and magnetic material having dielectric property
65 8,410,971 System and method for configuring operation of a remote control by a display device
66 8,410,686 Display device having lens portions for enhanced extraction of light
67 8,410,569 Solid-state imaging device and method for producing the same
68 8,410,567 Solid image-pickup device with flexible circuit substrate
69 8,410,564 Semiconductor device, method of manufacturing the same, and wireless transmission system utilizing the same
70 8,410,418 Solid-state imaging device, method for manufacturing the same, and imaging apparatus
71 8,409,932 Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
72 8,409,907 Method for manufacturing information aquiring semiconductor device
73 8,409,893 Semiconductor light-emitting element, fabrication method thereof, convex part formed on backing, and convex part formation method for backing
74 8,409,886 Method of producing image display unit
75 8,409,748 Battery and electronic apparatus
76 8,409,706 Preparation process of microbeads, and microbeads
77 8,409,686 Optical recording medium and method for manufacturing the same
78 8,409,685 Optical recording medium and method for manufacturing the same
79 8,408,777 Planar illumination device
80 8,408,754 Variable illumination apparatus