Sony patents granted on 02 August 2016

45 US patents granted on 02 August 2016 and assigned to Sony

1 9,408,315 Electronic apparatus
2 9,408,238 Removable conductive layer that shields and/or shorts nodes of an NFC circuit to control transmissions therefrom
3 9,408,186 Method, base station, terminal and communication system for selecting a component carrier
4 9,408,027 Mobile device, method and recording medium
5 9,407,952 Control device, control method, program, and control system
6 9,407,898 Display control device, display control method, and program
7 9,407,846 Analog-to-digital conversion device
8 9,407,842 Image pickup apparatus and image pickup method for preventing degradation of image quality
9 9,407,811 Focus control unit in imaging apparatus, method of controlling the focus control unit and medium for controlling the focus control unit
10 9,407,804 Method, apparatus, and non-transitory medium for generating a synthetic image from a series of captured images
11 9,407,720 Direct file transfer without sending requested file through requesting device
12 9,407,683 Information processing device, table, display control method, program, portable terminal, and information processing system
13 9,407,480 Electric and electronic apparatus, circuit, and communication system
14 9,407,446 Communication device, communication method, reader/writer, and communication system
15 9,407,428 Reception apparatus, reception method, and program
16 9,407,423 Duplex operation in a cellular communication system
17 9,407,387 Apparatus and method for synchronized transmission of multimedia content over an asynchronous network
18 9,407,256 Reducing a disturbance on a signal path of a semiconductor switch
19 9,407,067 Light emitting element and method of manufacturing the same
20 9,407,064 Light-emitting element and method for manufacturing the same
21 9,407,023 Transmission module, shielding method, transmission cable, and connector
22 9,406,879 Conductive bridge memory system and method of manufacture thereof
23 9,406,816 Solid-state imaging apparatus, method of manufacturing solid-state imaging apparatus and electronic device
24 9,406,707 Solid-state image pickup element and image pickup apparatus
25 9,406,696 High-frequency device including high-frequency switching circuit
26 9,406,312 Signal processing apparatus and signal processing method, encoder and encoding method, decoder and decoding method, and program
27 9,406,306 Signal processing apparatus and method, and program
28 9,406,274 Image processing apparatus, method for image processing, and program
29 9,406,258 Display device and electronic equipment
30 9,406,139 Image processing device and image processing method
31 9,406,126 Image processing apparatus and method, and ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus
32 9,406,123 Imaging control apparatus, storage system, and storage medium
33 9,406,109 Aberration correction apparatus, imaging apparatus and aberration correction method
34 9,406,066 Multiple DRM management
35 9,405,989 Image processing apparatus and method
36 9,405,842 Execution screen publication device, execution screen publication method, client device, and cloud computing system
37 9,405,640 Flexible failover policies in high availability computing systems
38 9,405,608 Storage controller, storage device, information processing system, and storage control method
39 9,405,440 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
40 9,405,393 Information processing device, information processing method and computer program
41 9,405,385 Interactive projection apparatus and the positioning method of the interactive pen
42 9,405,363 Audio, video, simulation, and user interface paradigms
43 9,405,327 Control method and control apparatus of electronic device, and electronic device
44 9,404,762 Navigation apparatus and navigation method
45 9,402,559 Input device and calibration method