Sony patents granted on 02 December 2014

60 US patents granted on 02 December 2014 and assigned to Sony

1 RE45,269 OFDM diversity transmission
2 D718,818 Controller for electronic device
3 8,904,450 Individual internet video link channel
4 8,904,443 System and method for improving home network GUI response time and presentation
5 8,904,430 Method and apparatus for real-time viewer interaction with a media presentation
6 8,904,417 Receiving device and method, transmitting device and method, and program
7 8,904,177 Authentication for a multi-tier wireless home mesh network
8 8,904,096 Storage device and information processing system
9 8,904,054 Method and apparatus for mode switching of interface ports
10 8,903,645 System and apparatus for processing information, image display apparatus, control method and computer program
11 8,903,525 Sound processing device, sound data selecting method and sound data selecting program
12 8,903,523 Audio processing device, audio processing method, and program
13 8,903,423 Data communication apparatus, data communication method, and data communication packet
14 8,903,421 Position estimation of a wireless terminal in a structure using base station signal information
15 8,903,418 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
16 8,903,227 Information processing apparatus, information recording medium, information processing method, and program
17 8,903,222 Image reproducing apparatus, image reproducing method, image capturing apparatus, and control method therefor
18 8,903,197 Information providing method and apparatus, information display method and mobile terminal, program, and information providing
19 8,903,187 Image processing device and image processing method
20 8,903,123 Image processing device and image processing method for processing an image
21 8,903,103 Receiving device, transmitting device, receiving method, transmitting method, and communication system
22 8,903,098 Signal processing apparatus and method, program, and data recording medium
23 8,903,097 Information processing device and method and program
24 8,902,993 Signal transmission apparatus and signal transmission method
25 8,902,968 Apparatus and method to accommodate changes in communication quality
26 8,902,957 Power line communication modem, power line communication system, power line communication method
27 8,902,942 Laser apparatus and bio-imaging apparatus
28 8,902,924 Network remote control
29 8,902,501 Stage system and microscope
30 8,902,371 Method and system for television alignment
31 8,902,370 Rapid television channel scan using frequency plans to identify channels
32 8,902,348 Solid-state image capture device, manufacturing method therefor, and electronic apparatus
33 8,902,347 Solid-state image sensing device and electronic apparatus
34 8,902,341 Solid-state imaging device, driving method of solid-state imaging device, and electronic apparatus
35 8,902,334 Terminal apparatus and method for adding an effect to an image
36 8,902,331 Image capturing apparatus capturing image and sub image data
37 8,902,295 3D camera and imaging method
38 8,902,283 Method and apparatus for converting a two-dimensional image into a three-dimensional stereoscopic image
39 8,902,227 Selective interactive mapping of real-world objects to create interactive virtual-world objects
40 8,902,216 Information providing system, providing information updating method, information terminal device, information terminal device control method, information updating server, information updating server control method and information memorizing medium
41 8,902,213 Display device, electronic device, and method of driving display device
42 8,902,194 Electronic apparatus, display control method, and program
43 8,902,166 Information processing apparatus and cellular phone terminal
44 8,902,163 Information processing apparatus, information processing method and computer program
45 8,902,155 Electronic apparatus and control method therefor
46 8,902,143 Liquid crystal display for driving a pixel with a black state and a white state within one frame period, method of driving the same and electronic unit including the same
47 8,902,134 Pixel circuit, display and driving method thereof
48 8,902,132 Self light emission display device, power consumption detecting device, and program
49 8,902,006 Signal processing apparatus and method and communication apparatus
50 8,901,889 Discharge control apparatus and discharge control method
51 8,901,813 Method for manufacturing organic EL display and organic EL display
52 8,901,696 Solid-state imaging device and electronic apparatus
53 8,901,618 Solid-state image pickup element, method of manufacturing the same, and electronic apparatus
54 8,901,562 Radiation imaging device, radiation imaging display system, and transistor
55 8,901,531 Magnetic memory device with varying direction of magnetization and method of manufacturing the same
56 8,901,504 Image pickup unit and image-pickup and display system
57 8,901,407 Music section detecting apparatus and method, program, recording medium, and music signal detecting apparatus
58 8,900,772 Fuel cartridge, fuel cell, and power generation method
59 8,900,738 Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
60 8,900,516 Method of altering the sensitivity and/or selectivity of a chemiresistor sensor