Sony patents granted on 02 June 2009

36 US patents granted on 02 June 2009 and assigned to Sony

1 7,543,245 Information processing device, menu displaying method and program storing medium
2 7,543,217 Method of determining suitability of a recording medium for being recorded to and/or reproduced from by an apparatus
3 7,543,169 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program for the same
4 7,543,043 Communication device and method
5 7,542,923 System and method for generating a unique identifier that can be used to integrate an offline experience with an online experience
6 7,542,805 Method and system for forming an acoustic signal from neural timing difference data
7 7,542,760 Wireless communication system, wireless communication control method, wireless communication apparatus, method of controlling the wireless communication apparatus, and computer program
8 7,542,746 RDS radio unit
9 7,542,718 Wireless communication terminal and wireless communication method
10 7,542,606 Use of Hausdorff distances in the earth mover linear program
11 7,542,571 Transmitting second content data with reference for use with first content data
12 7,542,474 Method of and apparatus for providing isochronous services over switched ethernet including a home network wall plate having a combined IEEE 1394 and ethernet modified hub
13 7,542,466 System and method of information communication, information processing apparatus and information processing method, program and recording medium
14 7,542,453 Wireless communication system, wireless communication apparatus, wireless communication method, and computer program
15 7,542,445 Method and system for maintaining autonomous system clock accuracy for a mobile radio terminal
16 7,542,398 Aberration correcting element in the optical head of a recording and reproduction system using independent control of phase distribution and defocus pattern variables
17 7,542,355 Semiconductor storage device
18 7,542,335 Magnetic storage device using ferromagnetic tunnel junction element
19 7,542,212 Zoom lens and image capture apparatus
20 7,542,114 Liquid crystal display device
21 7,542,097 Video signal processing apparatus and method
22 7,542,094 Adapter device
23 7,542,071 Image transmission system, image pickup apparatus, image pickup apparatus unit, key generating apparatus, and program
24 7,542,002 Wideband monopole antenna
25 7,541,895 Electro mechanical device and manufacturing method thereof, and resonator and manufacturing method thereof
26 7,541,738 Display unit and manufacturing method thereof
27 7,541,731 Flat-panel display
28 7,541,690 Signal transmission method, signal transmission device, and liquid crystal projector
29 7,541,615 Display device including thin film transistors
30 7,541,293 Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
31 7,541,117 Mask pattern generating method
32 7,540,670 Camera apparatus
33 7,540,314 Plastic card, plastic card manufacturing method, plate for heat press, and card manufacturing apparatus
34 D593,577 TV display with graphical user interface for TV favorites
35 D593,567 Liquid crystal display stand
36 D593,542 Speaker