Sony patents granted on 02 March 2010

55 US patents granted on 02 March 2010 and assigned to Sony

1 D611,030 Mobile phone
2 7,673,339 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, information processing system and recording medium
3 7,673,320 Information transmission/reception system and method and information processing method and apparatus for automatic detection of data for commercial messages
4 7,673,196 Methods and apparatus for communicating with a target circuit
5 7,673,154 Recording medium, recording method, information transmission method, terminal device, and server device
6 7,673,153 Data processing method, apparatus and system for encrypted data transfer
7 7,673,117 Operation apparatus
8 7,673,066 File transfer protocol for mobile computer
9 7,673,044 Information processing system, apparatus and method for processing information, and program
10 7,673,015 Information-processing apparatus, information-processing methods, recording mediums, and programs
11 7,672,920 Apparatus and method for embedding recurrent neural networks into the nodes of a self-organizing map
12 7,672,914 Apparatus and method for generating coefficient data, apparatus and method for generating coefficient-seed data, information-signal processing apparatus, program, and medium having recorded the program thereon
13 7,672,913 Automated action-selection system and method, and application thereof to training prediction machines and driving the development of self-developing devices
14 7,672,844 Voice processing apparatus
15 7,672,688 Radio communication equipment and method used in said equipment
16 7,672,685 Transmitter and transmission control method, and receiver and reception control method
17 7,672,568 Outputting apparatus, outputting method, recording apparatus, recording method, reproduction apparatus, reproduction method and recording medium
18 7,672,565 Recording control apparatus and recording control method
19 7,672,564 Information processing apparatus for automatically recording video data from a first recording medium in a first format to a second recording medium in a second format
20 7,672,536 Signal processing device, signal processing method, program, and recording medium
21 7,672,534 Image processing device, method, and program
22 7,672,526 Signal processing device, signal processing method, program, and recording medium
23 7,672,522 Image decoding device and image decoding method
24 7,672,508 Image classification based on a mixture of elliptical color models
25 7,672,503 Direction-recognizing apparatus, direction-recognizing method, direction-recognizing system, and robot apparatus
26 7,672,466 Audio signal processing apparatus and method for the same
27 7,672,465 System and method for synchronization using GPS in home network
28 7,672,458 Method and system for key insertion for stored encrypted content
29 7,672,454 Method for copy protection of digital content
30 7,672,414 Data transmission
31 7,672,402 Data processing apparatus and method and encoding device
32 7,672,349 Laser diode
33 7,672,347 Semiconductor light emitting device
34 7,672,203 Dubbing device for dubbing data
35 7,672,031 Hologram recording medium, hologram reproducing apparatus, hologram reproducing method, and hologram sheet
36 7,671,919 Camera
37 7,671,913 Method for converting image data, converting circuit for image, and electronic camera
38 7,671,912 Solid-state imaging apparatus
39 7,671,848 Display device and display method
40 7,671,846 Computer system having a pressure-sensitive controller, setup method for a pressure-sensitive controller and recording medium that records this method
41 7,671,819 Antenna assembly
42 7,671,817 Wideband antenna
43 7,671,813 Earphone antenna and wireless device including the same
44 7,671,493 Vibration assembly, input device using the vibration assembly, and electronic equipment using the input device
45 7,671,424 Power MOSFET, semiconductor device including the power MOSFET, and method for making the power MOSFET
46 7,671,323 Semiconductor apparatus and light detection method
47 7,671,316 Imaging device camera system and driving method of the same
48 7,671,286 Key with variable position capability
49 7,671,117 Resin composition
50 7,670,941 Method for production of semiconductor devices
51 7,670,693 Magnetic recording medium possessing a columnar structure
52 7,670,541 Optical shaping apparatus and optical shaping method
53 7,670,514 Method of producing optical disk-use original and method of producing optical disk
54 7,670,508 Proton conductor, single ion conductor, manufacturing methods thereof, and electrochemical capacitor
55 7,670,496 Process for producing structural body and etchant for silicon oxide film