Sony patents granted on 02 May 2006

52 US patents granted on 02 May 2006 and assigned to Sony

1 7,039,938 Selective encryption for video on demand
2 7,039,936 Receiving system for digital broadcasting, data transmitting method in digital broadcasting receiving system, and receiving apparatus for digital broadcasting
3 7,039,934 Recording system
4 7,039,929 Intelligent device having background caching of web pages from a digital television broadcast signal and method of same
5 7,039,913 Optical disc, method of writing to an optical disc, and method of reading from an optical disc
6 7,039,880 Circuit design method, apparatus and program using polynomial primitive root
7 7,039,868 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, storage medium, and program
8 7,039,848 Data recording medium, data recording method and apparatus, data playback method and apparatus, and data determination method
9 7,039,814 Method for securing software via late stage processor instruction decryption
10 7,039,786 Memory device and recording and/or reproducing apparatus employing this memory device
11 7,039,761 Methodology for performing caching procedures in an electronic network
12 7,039,754 Detachably mounted removable data storage device
13 7,039,753 Memory device and recording and/or reproducing apparatus using the same
14 7,039,614 Method for simulcrypting scrambled data to a plurality of conditional access devices
15 7,039,605 Settlement intermediation processing apparatus, storage medium in which a program for settlement intermediation processing is stored, computer program for settlement intermediation, online shop apparatus, and on-line shopping method and system
16 7,039,299 Data recording and reproducing apparatus including supporting means
17 7,039,293 Method and electronic equipment for transmitting data to other electronic equipment on a network
18 7,039,247 Graphic codec for network transmission
19 7,039,187 Signal reproducing/recording/transmitting method and apparatus and signal record medium
20 7,039,129 Demodulator structure utilizing DC switches
21 7,039,117 Error concealment of video data using texture data recovery
22 7,038,998 Optical recording disk having land and groove wobbled at outer circumference side
23 7,038,994 Optical pickup device with a plurality of laser couplers
24 7,038,992 Mask pattern forming method and device, and method of producing optical disk
25 7,038,985 System using radio frequency identification (RFID) for copy management of digital media
26 7,038,980 Optical disk recording apparatus and optical disk recording method
27 7,038,942 Magnetic storage element, recording method using the same, and magnetic storage device
28 7,038,729 Device and method for producing coefficient seed data used for format conversion, and information-providing medium therefore
29 7,038,691 Two-dimensional buffer pages using memory bank alternation
30 7,038,676 System and method for data compression
31 7,038,663 Bi-directional communication system, display apparatus, base apparatus and bi-directional communication method
32 7,038,660 Wheel motion control input device for animation system
33 7,038,317 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing same
34 7,038,271 Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and process for fabricating the same
35 7,038,025 Metal complexes of heterocyclic aromatic compounds
36 7,037,981 High molecular weight flocculant
37 7,037,951 Process for regenerating resins
38 7,037,623 Nonaqueous secondary battery, method for making negative electrode component therefor, and apparatuses for evaluating and making graphite material for negative electrode component
39 7,037,622 Carbonaceous material for hydrogen storage and method for preparation thereof, carbonaceous material having hydrogen absorbed therein and method for preparation thereof, cell and fuel cell using carbonaceous material having hydrogen absorbed therein
40 7,037,621 Cell, cell production method, welded article production method and pedestal
41 7,037,619 Gas diffusion electrode and fuel cell including same
42 7,037,362 Water color ink for ink jet recording
43 7,037,196 Portable toy, portable information terminal, entertainment system, and recording medium
44 7,037,007 Lens hood, and imaging device
45 7,036,673 Lot management production method and product carrying container
46 D519,988 Remote controller
47 D519,987 Speaker box
48 D519,984 Speaker box
49 D519,979 Disc player
50 D519,978 Disc player
51 D519,977 Disc player
52 D519,919 Battery