Sony patents granted on 02 November 2010

46 US patents granted on 02 November 2010 and assigned to Sony

1 D626,554 Arithmetic and control unit
2 D626,517 Remote controller
3 7,827,569 Recording medium drive system and electronic apparatus
4 7,827,414 Content data transmission system and content data transmission method
5 7,827,207 Reproduction apparatus, reproduction method, and signal
6 7,827,198 Information processing apparatus and method, and program
7 7,827,113 Method and system for providing a content subscription service
8 7,827,112 Digital signal processing apparatus, digital signal processing method, information center, and data delivery system
9 7,827,098 Credit intermediary system, credit intermediary apparatus and method thereof, recording medium and program
10 7,827,036 Data processing system, data processing method, data processor, and data processing program
11 7,826,872 Audio nickname tag associated with PTT user
12 7,826,792 Composite apparatus and method of changing assignment of function of operation button of remote controller of decoding device
13 7,826,789 System and method for interactive broadcasting
14 7,826,721 Optical disc recording apparatus and method, and disc recording apparatus with camera
15 7,826,669 Image processing device, image processing method, information processing device, information processing method, information recording device, information recording method, information reproduction device, information reproduction method, recording medium and program
16 7,826,658 Image processing system, image processing method, image processing recording medium, and program suitable for extraction processing
17 7,826,630 Sound image localization apparatus
18 7,826,620 Information processor, information processing method, and computer program
19 7,826,334 Apparatus and method for producing optical recording medium, optical recording medium, apparatus and method for reproduction and apparatus and method for recording
20 7,826,330 Optical pickup device, optical disc device and prism
21 7,826,328 Optical pickup device and optical disk apparatus using the same
22 7,826,325 Recording and reproducing apparatus and defect determination method
23 7,826,323 Reproducing apparatus and method with reduced bit error rate
24 7,826,319 Optical disc record medium, disc production method, recording apparatus
25 7,826,317 Optical pickup device, optical recording/reproducing apparatus and gap-control method
26 7,826,312 Optical disc apparatus and control method for optical disc apparatus
27 7,826,004 Liquid crystal display device
28 7,825,977 Image pickup apparatus and image pickup method
29 7,825,964 Method of processing noise in image data, noise reduction unit, and imaging apparatus
30 7,825,930 Signal processing device and signal processing method, and program and recording medium
31 7,825,928 Image processing device and image processing method for rendering three-dimensional objects
32 7,825,885 Display device
33 7,825,880 Pixel circuit
34 7,825,879 Display device and electronic equipment
35 7,825,860 Antenna assembly
36 7,825,739 Signal processing circuit, signal processing method, and playback apparatus
37 7,824,930 Method of manufacturing substrate, substrate manufacturing system, and method of manufacturing display
38 7,824,810 Electrolytic solution and battery
39 7,824,799 Battery device and electronic apparatus
40 7,824,791 Electronic apparatus
41 7,824,754 Peeling sheet with adhesive of epoxy acrylate, non-unsaturated resin and bis(methacryloyloxyethyl) hydrogen phosphate
42 7,824,734 Method of preparing a substrate having a layer or pattern of metal on it
43 7,824,571 Polymerizable liquid crystal composition, optical device, method of manufacturing optical device, and liquid crystal display
44 7,824,005 Liquid ejection device
45 7,823,998 Liquid ejection apparatus and liquid ejection method
46 7,823,276 Parts mounting method