Sony patents granted on 02 October 2007

40 US patents granted on 02 October 2007 and assigned to Sony

1 D552,146 Camera
2 D552,124 Audio player
3 D552,123 Computer generated image for a display panel or screen
4 D552,100 Computer antenna
5 D552,099 Memory card
6 D552,098 Memory card
7 D552,082 Speaker box
8 D552,081 Combined speaker box and power supply adaptor
9 D552,079 Speaker box
10 D552,078 Speaker box
11 D552,049 Monitor display
12 7,278,166 Method and apparatus for recording and/or reproducing data and record medium
13 7,278,165 Method and system for implementing digital rights management
14 7,278,151 Disc cartridge
15 7,278,075 Scan path circuit having a selection circuit for delivering an input signal to selected scan chain circuits
16 7,277,973 Interface apparatus
17 7,277,894 Control system, control apparatus, control method, storage medium, and program
18 7,277,877 System and method for selecting a music channel
19 7,277,625 Data recording method and apparatus, data recording medium, and data reproducing method and apparatus
20 7,277,580 Multiple thresholding for video frame segmentation
21 7,277,575 System and method for effectively performing an image data transformation procedure
22 7,277,551 Sound reproducing apparatus and sound reproducing method
23 7,277,492 Transmission apparatus, transmission control method, reception apparatus, and reception control method
24 7,277,488 Data processing apparatus and method
25 7,277,412 Communications system, communications control apparatus and method, and computer program therefor
26 7,277,374 Optical disc discriminating apparatus, optical disc discriminating method, optical disc recording apparatus and optical disc reproducing apparatus
27 7,277,371 Recording medium, recording device, reproduction device, recording method and reproduction method
28 7,277,248 Recording medium and apparatus for protecting copyrighted digital data
29 7,277,211 Hologram recording and reproduction apparatus, hologram recording and reproduction method and hologram recording medium
30 7,277,208 Hologram recording medium, hologram recording and reproduction apparatus and method of producing a hologram recording medium
31 7,277,117 Communication control apparatus, communication apparatus, communication system, and method of the same
32 7,277,081 Information processing apparatus
33 7,276,964 PWM power amplifier and method for controlling the same
34 7,276,791 Board having alternating rows of processors and memories
35 7,276,429 Method and apparatus for producing ultra-thin semiconductor chip and method and apparatus for producing ultra-thin back-illuminated solid-state image pickup device
36 7,276,172 Method for preparing a nanowire crossbar structure and use of a structure prepared by this method
37 7,275,987 Virtual world system, server computer and information processor
38 7,275,963 Storage medium loading mechanism and storage medium drive unit
39 7,275,695 Portable terminal and function limiting method
40 7,275,307 Method of making a magnetic head with ferrite between nonmagnetic portions and a nonmagnetic gap