Sony patents granted on 02 September 2008

47 US patents granted on 02 September 2008 and assigned to Sony

1 D576,197 Combined video camera and video tape recorder
2 D576,189 Combined video camera and video tape recorder
3 D576,188 Combined video camera and disc recorder
4 D576,175 Image for display panel or screen
5 D576,164 Memory card reader/writer
6 D576,163 Case for hard disc drive
7 7,421,742 Signal processing system, recording method, program, recording medium, reproduction device and information processing device
8 7,421,708 Peer-to-peer networking system using interconnectivity framework and peer library for interacting with applications
9 7,421,697 Information processing apparatus having simplified user switching function and program used therefor
10 7,421,479 Network system, network control method, and signal sender/receiver
11 7,421,471 Configuration switching: dynamically changing between network communication architectures
12 7,421,467 Data providing system, data providing apparatus and method, data acquisition system and method, and program storage medium
13 7,421,425 Information providing method and information providing system
14 7,421,369 Activity recognition apparatus, method and program
15 7,421,313 Robot apparatus and control method thereof
16 7,421,190 Video tape recorder and recording method
17 7,421,189 Data recording device, data recording method, data editing device, and data editing method
18 7,421,187 Reproducing apparatus and superimposing method
19 7,421,149 Object detection
20 7,421,123 Information processing apparatus, an information processing method and a medium
21 7,421,092 Method and apparatus for situation recognition using optical information
22 7,421,082 Data delivery method and data delivery system using sets of passkeys generated by dividing an encryption key
23 7,421,051 Radio communication system and method, wireless network forming device, radio transmission unit and method, and radio reception unit and method
24 7,421,027 Frame conversion apparatus and frame conversion method
25 7,421,023 Image information conversion apparatus and image information conversion method
26 7,420,959 Telephone apparatus used for computer network telephone system
27 7,420,910 Optical recording/reproducing method for multiple recording media with different recording density
28 7,420,908 Optical recording medium
29 7,420,903 Electronic equipment, highlighting method, and program installed in the equipment
30 7,420,892 Optical head device, and optical recording/reproducing device
31 7,420,888 Optical recording medium and optical recording/reproducing method
32 7,420,758 Head system, recording and reproduction system, and magnetic recording method
33 7,420,622 Image switching apparatus and method of controlling image processing unit thereof
34 7,420,617 Image display apparatus
35 7,420,603 Solid-state image pickup device and module type solid-state image pickup device
36 7,420,558 Information processing apparatus and method, program, and navigation apparatus
37 7,420,544 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
38 7,420,534 Display apparatus
39 7,420,532 Flat display apparatus and portable terminal apparatus
40 7,420,530 Pixel circuit, display device method for controlling pixel circuit
41 7,420,439 Micro-resonator, band-pass filter, semiconductor device and communication apparatus
42 7,420,234 Solid-state imaging device and method for fabricating same
43 7,420,231 Solid state imaging pick-up device and method of manufacturing the same
44 7,420,220 Semiconductor light emitting device
45 7,420,127 Method of manufacturing multilayer wiring substrate, and multilayer wiring substrate
46 7,419,629 Metal mold for forming, method for the preparation of the metal mold for forming and molded article obtained on forming by the metal mold for forming
47 7,419,512 Electrode, battery using the same and method for manufacturing the electrode