Sony patents granted on 03 April 2007

43 US patents granted on 03 April 2007 and assigned to Sony

1 D539,776 Mobile phone
2 D539,763 Front surface of a monitor/television receiver
3 D539,730 Battery
4 7,200,853 Electronic information content distribution processing system, information distribution apparatus, information processing apparatus, and electronic information content distribution processing method
5 7,200,851 Disk drive
6 7,200,834 Exposure pattern forming method and exposure pattern
7 7,200,808 Electronic document processor
8 7,200,586 Searching system, searching unit, searching method, displaying method for search results, terminal unit, inputting unit, and record medium
9 7,200,482 Drive control apparatus and method and two-wheeled vehicle
10 7,200,428 Portable terminal
11 7,200,422 Radio transmitting/receiving apparatus
12 7,200,324 Magnetic-tape recording apparatus and method, magnetic-tape reproduction apparatus and method, and recording medium
13 7,200,322 Video-signal recording and playback apparatus, video-signal recording and playback method and recording medium
14 7,200,282 Implementation of Hough transform and its application in line detection and video motion analysis
15 7,200,249 Robot device and face identifying method, and image identifying device and image identifying method
16 7,200,247 Image processing device and method, and distribution medium
17 7,200,179 Data transmission method, data reception method, data transport method, data transmission device, data reception device, data transfer system, and communication terminal
18 7,200,175 Data-modulating apparatus, data-modulating method, data-demodulating apparatus, data-demodulating method, and data-providing medium
19 7,200,171 System and method for estimating initial channel quality in a multirate system
20 7,200,094 Reproduced signal evaluation apparatus and method, reproduction apparatus and method, and recording apparatus and method
21 7,200,036 Memory including a transfer gate and a storage element
22 7,199,976 Reel lock mechanism of tape cassette and tape cassette
23 7,199,941 Zoom lens
24 7,199,904 Printer having image correcting capability
25 7,199,891 Image processing method and apparatus, printing method and apparatus, image printing system and method and recording medium
26 7,199,849 Projector and phase difference plate and method of arranging phase difference plate
27 7,199,835 Method for switching signal input based on device capability
28 7,199,772 Optical switching element, and switching device and image display apparatus each using the optical switching element
29 7,199,708 Communication apparatus and communication method
30 7,199,706 PLC intercom/monitor
31 7,199,642 Battery-power-operated circuit
32 7,199,552 Control circuit apparatus and power supply circuit control method
33 7,199,457 Thin film circuit board device and its manufacturing method
34 7,199,303 Optical energy conversion apparatus
35 7,199,237 Organic crystal
36 7,198,976 Solid-state imaging device and method for manufacturing the same
37 7,198,863 Fullerene based proton conductive materials
38 7,198,861 Magnetic recording medium and method of producing the same
39 7,198,700 Thin film formation use sputtering target material, thin film formed using same, and optical recording medium
40 7,198,376 Illumination optical unit liquid crystal projector and production method of liquid crystal projector
41 7,198,357 Ink ejecting head and method for making the same
42 7,198,344 Liquid ejecting device and liquid ejecting method
43 7,198,198 Antenna device and communication device using antenna device