Sony patents granted on 03 April 2012

74 US patents granted on 03 April 2012 and assigned to Sony

1 D656,996 Video game controller peripheral
2 8,151,357 Information processing apparatus, information recording medium manufacturing method, and computer program
3 8,151,303 Television device and method of identifying consecutive programmes
4 8,151,302 Broadcasting system and receiving apparatus
5 8,151,284 Disc apparatus for recording and/or reproducing information for use with a large diameter disc which prevents use with a small diameter disc
6 8,151,275 Accessing copy information of MMIO register by guest OS in both active and inactive state of a designated logical processor corresponding to the guest OS
7 8,151,215 Favorite GUI for TV
8 8,151,210 Vehicle-mounted apparatus, information providing method for use with vehicle-mounted apparatus, and recording medium recorded information providing method program for use with vehicle-mounted apparatus therein
9 8,151,209 User input for an electronic device employing a touch-sensor
10 8,151,071 Copy protection apparatus and method
11 8,151,063 Information processing apparatus and method
12 8,151,015 Systems and methods for effecting DMA data transfers
13 8,150,944 Electronic apparatus with server device for managing setting data
14 8,150,916 Method, apparatus, and system for transmitting information
15 8,150,906 Information delivery system for generating a data stream with a server system based on a content file received from a client device
16 8,150,782 Methods and apparatus for recognizing compact discs and issuing corresponding credits
17 8,150,454 System and method for implementing antenna diversity
18 8,150,337 Wireless communication device, communication state notification method, wireless communication system and program
19 8,150,319 Communication apparatus
20 8,150,256 Electronic apparatus, imaging apparatus, and grip structure
21 8,150,237 Reproducing apparatus, reproducing method, reproducing program, and recording medium
22 8,150,231 Data processing method, data processing apparatus, information recording medium and computer program cross references to related applications
23 8,150,205 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, program, and data configuration
24 8,150,201 Image processing apparatus, method, and computer program with pixel brightness-change detection and value correction
25 8,150,195 Adaptive prediction using a dimensionality reduction process
26 8,150,186 Amount-of-compressed data control method and image data compressing apparatus
27 8,150,182 Image information decoding apparatus and image information decoding method for motion prediction and/or compensation of images
28 8,150,097 Concealed metadata transmission system
29 8,150,091 Printed circuit board for a flat-panel speaker
30 8,150,090 Headphone and ear pad
31 8,150,089 Wireless microphone and apparatus for fixing transmitter of the wireless microphone
32 8,150,072 Vibration generator for electronic device having speaker driver and counterweight
33 8,150,069 Signal processing apparatus, signal processing method, and sound field correction system
34 8,150,067 Bass enhancing method, signal processing device, and audio reproducing system
35 8,150,061 Sound generating method, sound generating apparatus, sound reproducing method, and sound reproducing apparatus
36 8,150,056 Audio signal transmitting apparatus, audio signal receiving apparatus, audio signal transmission system, audio signal transmission method, and program
37 8,150,040 Key providing system, terminal device, and information processing method
38 8,149,980 System and method for implementing a phase detector to support a data transmission procedure
39 8,149,913 Moving picture converting apparatus and method, and computer program
40 8,149,849 Zigbee/IP gateway
41 8,149,815 Communication system, a communication method, and a communication apparatus with clear to send signal frame features
42 8,149,808 Electronic apparatus having communication function and control method
43 8,149,778 Apparatus and method for communicating uplink signaling information
44 8,149,745 Wireless communication system, wireless communication device, wireless communication method, and program
45 8,149,679 Recording/reproducing device and method, recording medium, and program
46 8,149,675 Recording apparatus, recording method, program, and recording medium
47 8,149,661 Short-pulse light source, laser light emission method, optical device, optical disc device, and optical pickup
48 8,149,660 Drive apparatus, method of informing possibility of handling and operating recording medium, control method of handling and operating recording medium, and recording medium
49 8,149,613 Resistance variable memory device
50 8,149,593 Radiation level reducing device
51 8,149,581 Keyboard and display screen in separate housings connected by cam assemblies that tilt responsive to movement between the housings
52 8,149,486 Recording device, recording/reproducing method, and reproducing method
53 8,149,375 Display panel and manufacturing method thereof
54 8,149,356 Liquid crystal display device, polarizing plate and backlight source
55 8,149,339 Broadcast receiving apparatus and reproduction processing method
56 8,149,316 Imaging apparatus with a rotatable monitor
57 8,149,309 Solid-state imaging device and camera system
58 8,149,306 Solid-state imaging device, production method and drive method thereof, and camera
59 8,149,302 Method of processing noise in image data, noise reduction unit, and imaging apparatus
60 8,149,280 Face detection image processing device, camera device, image processing method, and program
61 8,149,255 Image forming apparatus and modification sheet cartridge using the same
62 8,149,242 Graphics processing apparatus, graphics library module and graphics processing method
63 8,149,185 Pixel circuit, display unit, and pixel circuit drive method
64 8,148,795 Functional device
65 8,148,761 Solid-state imaging device, electronic apparatus, and method for manufacturing the same
66 8,148,672 Optical member with high and low refractive index layers
67 8,148,641 Anisotropic conductive material, connected structure, and production method thereof
68 8,148,238 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
69 8,148,006 Electrolytic solution and battery
70 8,147,720 Latent curing agent
71 8,147,327 Method for updating a multiplayer game session on a mobile device
72 8,147,115 Electro-optical device and electronic apparatus
73 8,147,068 Projection display apparatus
74 8,146,243 Method of manufacturing a device incorporated substrate and method of manufacturing a printed circuit board