Sony patents granted on 03 August 2010

55 US patents granted on 03 August 2010 and assigned to Sony

1 RE41,470 Synchronization symbol structure using OFDM based transmission method
2 D620,965 Video camera
3 D620,924 Combined disc player, amplifier, tuner and audio player
4 7,770,195 Information processing apparatus and method, information providing apparatus and method, and program thereof
5 7,770,194 Information receiving device and its method, and information transmission device and its method
6 7,770,177 System for memory reclamation based on thread entry and release request times
7 7,770,137 Methods, systems and computer program products for enhancing presence services
8 7,770,050 Method and apparatus for resolving clock management issues in emulation involving both interpreted and translated code
9 7,770,046 Management of time information within a plurality of execution spaces
10 7,769,946 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
11 7,769,920 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program and recording medium used therewith
12 7,769,916 Semiconductor storage device, electronic apparatus, and mode setting method
13 7,769,867 Mountable memory card and method for communicating, controlling, accessing and/or using the same
14 7,769,846 Communication system, communication apparatus, communication method, recording medium and program
15 7,769,761 Information processing apparatus, method, and program product
16 7,769,760 Information processing apparatus, method and program thereof
17 7,769,692 Transmission apparatus and method, reception apparatus and method, management apparatus and method, charging apparatus and method, providing apparatus and method, and recording medium
18 7,769,588 Spoken man-machine interface with speaker identification
19 7,769,491 Obstacle avoiding apparatus, obstacle avoiding method, obstacle avoiding program, and mobile robot apparatus
20 7,769,479 Audio recording apparatus, audio recording method and audio recording program
21 7,769,409 Network participant status evaluation
22 7,769,408 Mobile radio terminal having speaker port selection and method
23 7,769,393 Cooperative global positioning system (GPS) processing by mobile terminals that communicate via an ad hoc wireless network
24 7,769,348 Ad-hoc connectivity system and method
25 7,769,345 Device and method for guiding a user to a communication position
26 7,769,270 Editing system and control method thereof
27 7,769,269 High performance storage device access for non-linear editing systems
28 7,769,184 Apparatus and method for measuring sound field
29 7,769,085 Image data processing device and method
30 7,769,053 Data multiplexing device, program distribution system, program transmission system, pay broadcast system, program transmission method, conditional access system, and data reception device
31 7,769,012 Wireless communication method and apparatus thereof
32 7,768,985 Wireless communication system, wireless communication apparatus, wireless communication method, and computer program
33 7,768,977 Establishing a communication link by selectively powering a transceiver based on a communication request received by another transceiver
34 7,768,880 Reproducing apparatus, and method of adjusting spherical aberration correction and focus bias
35 7,768,879 Optical pickup and optical disk apparatus
36 7,768,722 Lens barrel
37 7,768,593 Surface emission device, optical element and liquid crystal display device
38 7,768,556 Physical quantity detection system, method for driving physical quantity detection system, solid-state image pickup device, method for driving solid-state image pickup device, and image pickup apparatus
39 7,768,553 Photographing apparatus, display control method, and program
40 7,768,536 Methods of displaying information at different zoom settings and related devices and computer program products
41 7,768,521 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
42 7,768,502 Method, apparatus, and software program for processing information
43 7,768,485 Display apparatus and method of driving same
44 7,768,472 Unobstrusive placement of wireless antenna for CE devices
45 7,768,463 Antenna assembly, printed wiring board and device
46 7,768,287 Methods and apparatus for managing defective processors through power gating
47 7,768,230 Pressure relief valve for a battery charger
48 7,767,967 Capturing motion using quantum nanodot sensors
49 7,767,585 Method of cleaning and process for producing semiconductor device
50 7,767,488 Method for forming a stacked structure of an insulating layer and an organic semiconductor layer, organic field effect transistor and method for making same
51 7,767,364 Method for correcting mask pattern, photomask, method for fabricating photomask, electron beam writing method for fabricating photomask, exposure method, semiconductor device, and method for fabricating semiconductor device
52 7,767,350 Nonaqueous electrolyte battery
53 7,767,012 Recording liquid, liquid cartridge, liquid discharge device, and liquid discharge method
54 7,766,719 Traveling apparatus and traveling stopping method
55 7,766,237 Mobile radio communication apparatus