Sony patents granted on 03 February 2009

47 US patents granted on 03 February 2009 and assigned to Sony

1 D585,924 Combined video camera and disc recorder
2 D585,900 Computer
3 D585,887 Computer
4 D585,875 Speaker box
5 D585,859 Combined disc recorder and hard disk drive
6 D585,858 Combined disc recorder and hard disc drive
7 D585,737 Slotted container
8 7,487,552 Method and apparatus for ciphering playback mode information for recording on record medium
9 7,487,549 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, recording medium, and program
10 7,487,520 Disc drive apparatus with disc chucking arrangement
11 7,487,418 Semiconductor integrated circuit and method for testing same
12 7,487,355 Data processing apparatus and method
13 7,487,275 Signal processing system and routing switcher method for managing the validity of computer terminal numbers
14 7,487,225 Registering device and method, information processing device and method, providing device and method, and program storage medium
15 7,487,221 Network system, distributed processing method and information processing apparatus
16 7,487,205 Content providing method utilizing client storage areas to provide content over a network in accordance with a time frame
17 7,487,203 Data-processing apparatus, data-processing method and program
18 7,487,175 Recording apparatus, file management method, program for file management method, and recording medium having program for file management method recorded thereon
19 7,487,164 Information processing apparatus capable of properly reflecting a change in a user’s preference or interest
20 7,487,156 Information providing apparatus
21 7,487,151 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, program for implementing information processing method, information processing system, and method for information processing system
22 7,487,147 Predictive user interface
23 7,487,081 Sentence creation apparatus and creation method
24 7,486,975 Antenna device
25 7,486,884 Imaging device and imaging method
26 7,486,882 Lens unit and imaging apparatus
27 7,486,791 Reproducing method, reproducing apparatus, recording method, and recording apparatus
28 7,486,634 Adaptive modulation based on signal quality
29 7,486,633 Network system, radio communication device, radio communication method, and computer program for the same
30 7,486,607 Disc-shaped recording medium, cutting apparatus for same, and disc drive
31 7,486,599 Recording method, recording apparatus, reproducing method and reproducing apparatus
32 7,486,598 Playback apparatus, playback method, and program
33 7,486,595 Tracking error detector
34 7,486,571 Semiconductor memory device
35 7,486,501 Information processing device
36 7,486,349 Polymer network liquid crystal element with predetermined gap for dimming device having image processing, temperature detecting and pulse width control units therefor
37 7,486,325 Method and apparatus for taking an image, method and apparatus for processing an image, and program and storage medium
38 7,486,319 Signal generating circuit including delay-locked loop and semiconductor device including signal generating circuit
39 7,486,318 Method, apparatus, and program for processing an image
40 7,486,254 Information creating method information creating apparatus and network information processing system
41 7,486,253 Transmitting device and transmitting method, receiving device and receiving method, transmitting/receiving device and transmitting/receiving method, recorded medium, and signal
42 7,486,209 Demodulation table, demodulating device and demodulating method, program, and recording medium
43 7,485,903 Solid-state imaging device
44 7,485,527 Nonvolatile semiconductor storage device and its manufacturing method
45 7,485,394 Battery having a case with an identification recess and guide grooves for coupling to an electronic device
46 7,485,391 Proton conductor, process for producing the same, and electrochemical device
47 7,484,851 Image forming device and method