Sony patents granted on 03 January 2006

31 US patents granted on 03 January 2006 and assigned to Sony

1 6,983,484 Control device, control method, electric apparatus, control method of an electric apparatus, electric apparatus system, control method of an electric apparatus system, and transmission medium
2 6,983,473 Optical pickup device and recording and/or reproducing device
3 6,983,471 Disk recording and/or reproducing apparatus
4 6,983,470 Disk recording and/or reproducing apparatus
5 6,983,426 Method and apparatus for displaying content in an array hierarchical structure
6 6,983,367 Information providing apparatus and method, information processing apparatus and method, and program storage medium
7 6,983,314 Recording mechanism for recording information specified from an external source using capacity information
8 6,983,281 Terminal apparatus
9 6,983,231 Information processing device and method, data holding device, and program
10 6,983,141 Communication apparatus and communication method
11 6,983,100 Information processing apparatus and method, and program storage medium
12 6,983,099 Information reproducing apparatus, image display control method, and recording medium
13 6,983,022 Method and apparatus for modulating and demodulating data into a variable-length code and providing a sync signal to the train of codes
14 6,983,019 Apparatus and method for converting signals
15 6,983,015 Signal processor
16 6,982,992 Multi-carrier signal transmitter and multi-carrier signal receiver
17 6,982,990 Transmitting method, transmitting apparatus, and program storage medium
18 6,982,934 Recording-medium management apparatus, recording-medium management method, program having function of managing recording medium, and computer-readable program storage medium for storing the program
19 6,982,933 Recording and/or reproducing apparatus and recording medium cartridge holder
20 6,982,851 Flying head slider and disk storage apparatus using the same
21 6,982,751 Solid-state imaging apparatus, its driving method, and camera system
22 6,982,745 Antenna level display device and method, and receiving apparatus
23 6,982,720 Image generation method and image generation device
24 6,982,712 Three-dimensional model generating system and method, and computer program therefor
25 6,982,709 Information processing method
26 6,982,674 Antenna apparatus
27 6,982,660 Modulation apparatus and method, and DSV-control-bit generating method
28 6,982,446 Nonvolatile magnetic memory device and manufacturing method thereof
29 6,982,404 Image processing apparatus and method
30 6,982,216 MOSFET having reduced parasitic resistance and method of forming same
31 6,982,181 Manufacturing process for ultra slim electrooptic display device unit