Sony patents granted on 03 January 2012

56 US patents granted on 03 January 2012 and assigned to Sony

1 D651,581 Controller
2 8,091,027 Content playback apparatus, content playback method and storage medium
3 8,090,781 Communication terminal, and destination-address right/wrong determining method and program thereof
4 8,090,780 Device, time, and location based notification content transfer and presentment system and method
5 8,090,771 Log collecting/analyzing system with separated functions of collecting log information and analyzing the same
6 8,090,764 Communication system, communication apparatus, communication method, storage medium, and package medium
7 8,090,421 Bi-stable sliding assembly
8 8,090,415 Intelligent battery warning system
9 8,090,360 Mobile wireless communication terminals, systems, methods, and computer program products for publishing, sharing and accessing media files
10 8,090,333 Receiving apparatus, receiving method, and program
11 8,090,240 Moving picture data edition device and moving picture data edition method
12 8,090,214 Method for automatic detection and correction of halo artifacts in images
13 8,090,201 Image-based code
14 8,090,200 Redundancy elimination in a content-adaptive video preview system
15 8,090,140 Speaker and method of outputting acoustic sound
16 8,090,115 Transmitting/receiving system, transmitting device, and device including speaker
17 8,090,102 Information processing device, information processing method, and computer program
18 8,090,053 Midamble allocations for MIMO transmissions
19 8,090,050 Radio communication system, receiver, receiving method, transmitter, transmitting method, and device for and method of calculating delay times for multi-carrier transmission
20 8,090,022 Video coding system
21 8,089,858 Frame and signalling pattern structure for multi-carrier systems
22 8,089,843 Recording drive waveform adjusting method for manufacturing master disc, master disc manufacturing method, master disc manufacturing apparatus, and master disc
23 8,089,838 Optical disc apparatus and tracking control method
24 8,089,802 Memory device and memory
25 8,089,776 Side switch for a contact exposed on an edge of a circuit board and method
26 8,089,716 Magnetic tape, magnetic tape apparatus, servo pattern recording apparatus, magnetic tape producing method, and magnetic tape recording method
27 8,089,702 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus
28 8,089,699 Optical element
29 8,089,694 Optical device stabilizer
30 8,089,569 Phase difference element and display device
31 8,089,560 Image processing apparatus, image processing method and program
32 8,089,558 Gamut error notifying device
33 8,089,541 Solid-state image-pickup device, method for driving solid-state image-pickup device, and image-pickup apparatus
34 8,089,533 Fixed pattern noise removal circuit, fixed pattern noise removal method, program, and image pickup apparatus
35 8,089,530 Solid-state image pickup apparatus, drive method for the solid-state image pickup apparatus, and image pickup apparatus
36 8,089,528 Color signal processing circuit, image pickup apparatus, and color signal processing method
37 8,089,521 Imaging device, image processing method, image processing program, and recording medium
38 8,089,513 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, program, and information processing system
39 8,089,497 Display device and driving method thereof
40 8,089,476 Liquid crystal device
41 8,089,443 Liquid crystal display device and driving method of liquid crystal display device using N-time speed driving technique
42 8,089,430 Self-luminous display panel driving method, self-luminous display panel and electronic apparatus
43 8,089,429 Display apparatus and drive method therefor, and electronic equipment
44 8,089,317 Phase-locked loop circuit, recording-and-reproducing apparatus, and electronic apparatus
45 8,089,310 Charge domain filter circuit
46 8,089,245 Noncontact charging device with temperature detection
47 8,089,176 Communication system and communication apparatus
48 8,089,107 Three-dimensional integrated device
49 8,089,071 Thin film semiconductor device having crystal grain boundaries cyclically traversing a channel part and method for manufacturing same
50 8,088,693 Substrate treatment method
51 8,088,639 Solid-state image pickup device
52 8,088,513 Anode and battery
53 8,087,967 Image display device and its manufacturing method with particular light-heat-curing resin composition
54 8,087,953 Surface mount device jumper and surface mount device jumper assembly
55 8,087,742 Liquid ejector and method for ejecting liquid
56 8,087,741 Liquid ejector and method for ejecting liquid