Sony patents granted on 03 July 2007

40 US patents granted on 03 July 2007 and assigned to Sony

1 7,240,345 Data processing apparatus and associated method
2 7,240,308 Simulation method for semiconductor circuit device and simulator for semiconductor circuit device
3 7,240,285 Encoding and distribution of schema for multimedia content descriptions
4 7,240,221 Data recording medium, recording medium recording and/reproducing apparatus, and recording or reproducing method
5 7,240,206 Information signal copy managing method, information signal recording method, information signal output apparatus, and recording medium
6 7,240,178 Non-volatile memory and non-volatile memory data rewriting method
7 7,240,128 Data processing apparatus and data processing method that generates a final class code
8 7,240,121 Content providing apparatus and content providing method
9 7,240,113 Networked conditional access module
10 7,240,099 System and method for efficiently performing data transfer operations
11 7,240,081 Free storage space management apparatus and method
12 7,240,033 Information providing apparatus and method, information processing apparatus and method, program storage medium, program, and information providing system
13 7,240,002 Speech recognition apparatus
14 7,239,962 Method and apparatus for a routing agent
15 7,239,851 High frequency module
16 7,239,802 Processing method and processing apparatus for processing a plurality of files stored on storage medium
17 7,239,801 Recording apparatus and method, playback apparatus and method, and recording medium therefor
18 7,239,795 Picture data reproducing apparatus and method
19 7,239,756 Method for enhancing the quality of an image
20 7,239,750 System and method for effectively utilizing universal feature detectors
21 7,239,726 System and method for effectively extracting facial feature information
22 7,239,702 Information recording/reproducing device
23 7,239,666 Communication system
24 7,239,542 Storage apparatus
25 7,239,539 Magnetic storage apparatus using ferromagnetic tunnel junction device
26 7,239,473 Tape guide mechanism of magnetic recording reproducing device
27 7,239,469 Recording apparatus, server apparatus, recording method, program, and storage medium
28 7,239,466 Magnetic head device and magnetic recording device
29 7,239,325 Image generation method and image generation device
30 7,239,196 Filter circuit
31 7,239,179 Level conversion circuit, power supply voltage generation circuit, shift circuit, shift register circuit, and display apparatus
32 7,239,071 Fluorescent lamp and display apparatus having a fluorescent lamp
33 7,239,054 Method of forming a micro-rotating device, and a micro-rotating device produced by the method
34 7,238,931 Displacement detection apparatus
35 7,238,076 Method of assembling light-emitting apparatus
36 7,237,905 Projection type display apparatus and lamp cooling apparatus
37 D545,860 Video camera
38 D545,822 Combined mouse and telephone
39 D545,798 Mobile phone
40 D545,787 Television receiver