Sony patents granted on 03 June 2014

96 US patents granted on 03 June 2014 and assigned to Sony

1 RE44,923 Entropy decoding methods and apparatus using most probable and least probable signal cases
2 8,745,687 Digital closed caption transport in standalone stream
3 8,745,652 Television channel mapping techniques
4 8,745,646 Disk loading device and disk device
5 8,745,534 Method of scrolling a hierarchy of layers based upon the number of manipulating bodies
6 8,745,513 Method and apparatus for use in accessing content
7 8,745,451 Method and device for processing signal data
8 8,745,432 Delay controller, control method, and communication system
9 8,745,422 Power supply control method, program and power supply control system capable of exercising power supply control based on the type of a connected power supply apparatus
10 8,745,310 Storage apparatus, computer system, and method for managing storage apparatus
11 8,745,305 Method, apparatus and cable for enabling two types of HDMI communication
12 8,745,258 Method, apparatus and system for presenting content on a viewing device
13 8,745,208 Method for data synchronization with mobile wireless devices
14 8,745,159 Network system, content-reproduction-takeover method, and program
15 8,744,993 Summarizing a body of media by assembling selected summaries
16 8,744,971 Dynamic redemption codes
17 8,744,755 Navigation device, navigation method and program
18 8,744,538 Fully flat slider
19 8,744,520 Radio communication apparatus, radio communication method and program
20 8,744,371 Wireless communication system, wireless communication apparatus and wireless communication method
21 8,744,359 Electronic equipment for a wireless communication system and method for operating an electronic equipment for a wireless communication system
22 8,744,358 Portable communication terminal
23 8,744,218 Device, method and program for generation and compression of super resolution video
24 8,744,206 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
25 8,744,182 Image processing device and method
26 8,744,178 Information processing apparatus, information processing method and program
27 8,744,165 Method and apparatus for stain separation in digital pathology images
28 8,744,137 Information processing device and information processing method
29 8,744,130 Image processing device, object selection method and program
30 8,744,127 Image processing apparatus and method for improving frame rate while maintaining natural movement of object on images
31 8,744,080 Encrypted data recording apparatus
32 8,744,075 Quantum public key encryption system
33 8,744,056 Communication identifier list configuration
34 8,743,975 Method for transmitting a signal via a power line network, transmitter, receiver, power line communication modem and power line communication system
35 8,743,957 Context adaptive directional intra prediction
36 8,743,929 Division of bit streams to produce spatial paths for multicarrier transmission
37 8,743,902 Wireless communication system, wireless communication apparatus, wireless communication method, and computer program
38 8,743,834 Method for performing handover, user equipment, base station, and radio communication system
39 8,743,833 Method for performing handover, user equipment, base station, and radio communication system
40 8,743,739 Telecommunications apparatus and method, storage medium, and program
41 8,743,675 Communication device for receiving and transmitting OFDM signals in a wireless communication system
42 8,743,673 Light source device, optical pickup, and recording device
43 8,743,633 Integrated semiconductor device
44 8,743,594 Memory element and memory device
45 8,743,588 Resistance-change memory device and method of operating the same
46 8,743,442 Image display device
47 8,743,302 Display device
48 8,743,298 Display device
49 8,743,297 Liquid crystal light adjusting device and imaging apparatus
50 8,743,290 Apparatus and method of processing image as well as apparatus and method of generating reproduction information with display position control using eye direction
51 8,743,281 Alias avoidance in image processing
52 8,743,280 Scan conversion image filtering
53 8,743,279 Image display device, image display method, and program
54 8,743,265 Solid-state imaging device with lens, method of manufacturing solid-state imaging device with lens, and electronic apparatus
55 8,743,260 Information processing apparatus, image pickup apparatus and method for setting GUI display to provide easier visual relationship of settable items
56 8,743,257 Solid-state imaging element having image signal overflow path
57 8,743,256 Solid-state image pickup element, optical apparatus, signal processing apparatus, and signal processing system
58 8,743,254 Solid-state imaging device, imaging device, electronic equipment, A/D converter and A/D conversion method
59 8,743,253 Method of controlling read address, physical information acquisition apparatus, and semiconductor device
60 8,743,252 Solid-state imaging device for high density CMOS image sensor, and driving method thereof
61 8,743,251 Solid-state image pickup device and camera system
62 8,743,249 Solid state imaging device and camera system having test-pattern generating circuitry
63 8,743,242 Information processing apparatus and method, and program
64 8,743,237 Imaging device, signal processing method, and program
65 8,743,175 3D image file, photographing apparatus, image reproducing apparatus, and image processing apparatus
66 8,743,147 Character highlighting control apparatus, display apparatus, highlighting display control method, and computer program
67 8,743,144 Mobile terminal, server device, community generation system, display control method, and program
68 8,743,127 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
69 8,743,125 Method and apparatus for providing natural facial animation
70 8,743,098 Display device, electro-optical element driving method and electronic equipment
71 8,743,070 Touch screen input method and device
72 8,743,032 Display apparatus, driving method for display apparatus and electronic apparatus
73 8,743,029 Display device, driving method of display device, and electronic device
74 8,743,026 Display device and electronic equipment
75 8,742,982 Indirect radar holography apparatus and corresponding method
76 8,742,955 Map display apparatus, map display method, and image pickup apparatus
77 8,742,902 Information processing apparatus and method, and non-contact IC card device
78 8,742,793 Semiconductor integrated circuit
79 8,742,675 Light-emitting panel, display device and electronic equipment
80 8,742,596 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing same
81 8,742,585 Semiconductor device having a plurality of pads of low diffusible material formed in a substrate
82 8,742,530 Conduction element, manufacturing method thereof, wiring element, information input device, display device, and electronic apparatus
83 8,742,525 Solid-state imaging device, method of manufacturing solid-state imaging device, and electronic apparatus
84 8,742,524 Semiconductor device, manufacturing method thereof, and electronic apparatus
85 8,742,519 Magnetic storage element and magnetic memory
86 8,742,446 Light emitting element and method of manufacturing the same
87 8,742,419 Display unit
88 8,742,418 Thin film transistor and display device
89 8,742,416 Display panel, method of manufacturing display panel, display device, and electronic apparatus
90 8,742,409 Thin film transistor and method for producing the same
91 8,742,313 Solid-state imaging device and method of adjusting reference voltage
92 8,741,681 Solid-state image pickup device and method for producing the same
93 8,741,481 Anode and battery
94 8,741,451 Crystal film, crystal substrate, and semiconductor device
95 8,740,409 Light-emitting-element mounting package, light emitting device, backlight, and liquid crystal display device
96 8,740,092 IC tag and electronic apparatus