Sony patents granted on 04 August 2015

46 US patents granted on 04 August 2015 and assigned to Sony

1 RE45,642 Polarizing element and liquid crystal projector
2 D735,698 Headset
3 9,100,973 Antenna selection for coexistence of multiple radio interfaces
4 9,100,933 Application level broadcast in peer overlay network
5 9,100,783 Automatic friend following application
6 9,100,747 Signal processing device and signal processing method
7 9,100,712 Method and system for downloading content to a content downloader
8 9,100,663 Apparatus, method, and program for video signal processing, and storage medium
9 9,100,606 Imaging element, control method, and imaging apparatus
10 9,100,603 Image pickup device and camera system
11 9,100,602 Solid-state imaging device, driving method, and electronic apparatus
12 9,100,601 Image pickup device and camera system
13 9,100,585 Combined broadcast and backchannel delivery of streaming content
14 9,100,536 Imaging device and method
15 9,100,532 Image processing apparatus and method for generating an image
16 9,100,525 Information processing apparatus, information storage apparatus, information processing system, information processing method, and program
17 9,100,379 Transmitting apparatus, transmitting method, receiving apparatus, receiving method, program, and electronic apparatus
18 9,100,367 Control system and control method, method and apparatus for processing information, information processing terminal and method thereof, storage medium, and program
19 9,100,251 Data processing apparatus and method for interleaving and deinterleaving data
20 9,100,092 Communication system, base station, relay node and user equipment
21 9,100,058 Illumination optical system, light irradiation apparatus for spectrometry, and spectrometer
22 9,099,787 Microwave antenna including an antenna array including a plurality of antenna elements
23 9,099,743 Anode and secondary battery
24 9,099,683 Organic electroluminescence display and electronic equipment
25 9,099,642 Memory element and memory device
26 9,099,534 Manufacturing method of semiconductor device, semiconductor device and electronic apparatus
27 9,099,373 Solid-state imaging device, driving method thereof, and electronic device
28 9,099,365 Method for manufacturing solid-state imaging device
29 9,099,339 Optical signaling for a package-on-package stack
30 9,099,096 Source separation by independent component analysis with moving constraint
31 9,099,059 Image display device, image display method, information processing device, information processing method, and information storing medium
32 9,099,041 Display device with a correction period of a threshold voltage of a driver transistor and electronic apparatus
33 9,098,907 Image processing apparatus, image processing method and program
34 9,098,839 Incentivizing commerce by regionally localized broadcast signal in conjunction with automatic feedback or filtering
35 9,098,770 Image processing device and image processing method, and program
36 9,098,711 Information processing apparatus and method, recording medium, and program
37 9,098,372 Information processing apparatus
38 9,098,248 Information processing apparatus, program, and control method
39 9,098,181 Information processing apparatus
40 9,098,163 Internet TV module for enabling presentation and navigation of non-native user interface on TV having native user interface using either TV remote control or module remote control
41 9,098,076 Management device of emission amount or reduction amount of greenhouse gases, and management method
42 9,097,945 Display device and electronic unit
43 9,097,635 Property measurement apparatus and property measurement method
44 9,095,775 User interface and method of user interaction
45 9,095,760 User device position indication for security and distributed race challenges
46 9,095,260 Measurement apparatus, measurement method, program and information processing apparatus