Sony patents granted on 04 December 2007

44 US patents granted on 04 December 2007 and assigned to Sony

1 D556,804 Video camera
2 D556,803 Video camera
3 D556,764 Memory card
4 D556,745 Fixing bar for monitor/television
5 D556,744 Fixing bar for monitor/television
6 D556,733 Combined disc player, radio receiver and tape recorder
7 D556,730 Transmitter
8 D556,706 Television receiver
9 D556,682 Travel charger for mobile phones and accessories
10 7,305,689 Optical recording medium and disc cartridge
11 7,305,679 Portal using model view controller
12 7,305,527 Recording apparatus
13 7,305,448 Information-presenting apparatus, information-presenting method, information-processing apparatus, information-processing method and program-storing medium
14 7,305,377 Information processing apparatus for reproducing metadata and method, program, and recording medium
15 7,305,342 Text-to-speech synthesis system and associated method of associating content information
16 7,305,258 Split battery supply
17 7,305,254 System and method of software transfer between a mobile phone and a mobile phone accessory
18 7,305,253 Combination audio/charger jack
19 7,305,215 Radio link check
20 7,305,173 Decoding device and decoding method
21 7,305,136 Image processing apparatus
22 7,305,099 Electronic devices, methods, and computer program products for detecting noise in a signal based on autocorrelation coefficient gradients
23 7,305,083 Echo canceller
24 7,305,040 Edit system, edit control device, and edit control method
25 7,304,968 Ad-hoc established device network
26 7,304,932 Data recording medium, and data recording method and device
27 7,304,923 Disk drive and detection method using pre-pit detection and push-pull signal generation
28 7,304,922 Method and apparatus for producing a master disc on which digital data is recorded in synchronism with pre-recorded address data
29 7,304,921 Recording control device, recording control method, program and recording system
30 7,304,917 Actuator
31 7,304,838 Display device
32 7,304,696 Image display
33 7,304,687 Ghost cancellation system using wavelet processed ghost cancellation reference signal
34 7,304,671 Imaging apparatus and method for lowering resolution power of an image and modifying the frame period
35 7,304,646 Image data structure for direct memory access
36 7,304,630 Display device and drive method thereof
37 7,304,386 Semiconductor device having a multilayer wiring structure
38 7,304,287 Solid-state image pickup device and output method thereof
39 7,303,979 Vapor-phase growth method, semiconductor manufacturing method and semiconductor device manufacturing method
40 7,303,927 Three-dimensional ferroelectric capacitor and method for manufacturing thereof as well as semiconductor memory device
41 7,303,829 Magnetic recording medium
42 7,303,718 Injection molding apparatus and injection molding method
43 7,303,635 Deposition mask, method for manufacturing display unit using it, and display unit
44 7,303,129 Method and device to scan an object and perform selected functions related thereto