Sony patents granted on 04 January 2011

61 US patents granted on 04 January 2011 and assigned to Sony

1 D630,238 Camera stand
2 D630,221 Computer
3 D630,212 Video game controller front face
4 D630,211 Video game controller front face
5 D630,199 Mobile phone
6 D630,168 Remote controller
7 7,865,963 Character information generating apparatus and method, character information displaying apparatus and method, digital movie screening method and system, and subtitle display apparatus
8 7,865,946 Data transmission controlling method and data transmission system
9 7,865,942 Communication device, communication system and method for managing access authority data
10 7,865,929 Receiving apparatus of digital broadcasting and display method of recording program associated information
11 7,865,928 System and method of audio/video streaming
12 7,865,922 Low-power broadcast receiver
13 7,865,840 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, information processing program, and mobile terminal device
14 7,865,832 Extended elements and mechanisms for displaying a rich graphical user interface in panel subunit
15 7,865,739 Methods and devices for transferring security data between memories
16 7,865,702 Stall prediction thread management
17 7,865,628 PCI express card type peripheral apparatus and host apparatus for accessing parts of protocol ID information stored in storage unit one part after another
18 7,865,590 Community based moderation in on-line sessions
19 7,865,551 Determining influential/popular participants in a communication network
20 7,865,267 Environment recognizing device, environment recognizing method, route planning device, route planning method and robot
21 7,865,197 Message handling in portable electronic device
22 7,865,191 Wireless communication method and wireless communication apparatus
23 7,865,065 Apparatus and method of recording information on a recording medium
24 7,865,063 Signal processing apparatus and method, recording medium, and program
25 7,865,062 Information processing apparatus and method, recorded medium, and program
26 7,864,957 Methods and apparatus for secure distribution of program content
27 7,864,911 System and method for implementing a phase detector to support a data transmission procedure
28 7,864,872 Transmission device, transmission method, and storage medium
29 7,864,801 Media converter
30 7,864,688 Communication system, method of providing information therein and communication device
31 7,864,652 Gain control circuit and optical recording and reproducing device using thereof
32 7,864,651 Optical pickup and optical disk apparatus
33 7,864,640 Reproducer and method for controlling reproduction
34 7,864,515 Image display apparatus
35 7,864,461 Camera module
36 7,864,267 Optical sheet and display unit
37 7,864,253 Image display and electronic device
38 7,864,243 Image pick-up apparatus with right and left microphones disposed on opposing arcuate sides of a front cabinet with a flash mechanism positioned therebetween
39 7,864,238 Solid-state imaging device, driving method thereof, camera, and driving method thereof
40 7,864,237 Solid-state imaging device, method of driving solid-state imaging device, and camera
41 7,864,232 Signal processing apparatus for solid-state imaging device, signal processing method, and imaging system
42 7,864,223 Imaging apparatus, video signal processing circuit, video signal processing method and computer program product for converting a color image
43 7,864,206 Thermal transfer laminate film, thermal transfer sheet, and image-forming apparatus
44 7,864,184 Image processing device, image processing system, image processing method, computer program, and semiconductor device
45 7,864,172 Cathode potential controller, self light emission display device, electronic apparatus, and cathode potential controlling method
46 7,864,170 Liquid crystal display device, method of controlling the same, and mobile terminal
47 7,864,142 Light-emitting diode drive circuit, light source device, and display device
48 7,864,094 Solid-state image sensing device, imaging method, and imaging apparatus
49 7,864,065 Battery residual quantity display method and electronic equipment
50 7,864,043 Home locating network
51 7,863,866 Activating batteries based on environmental conditions
52 7,863,858 Authenticating a device at a battery pack using a random number generator
53 7,863,855 Electronic equipment and power management method for the electronic equipment, and power source unit
54 7,863,741 Semiconductor chip and manufacturing method thereof
55 7,863,615 Display unit and method of manufacturing the same
56 7,863,600 Field-effect transistor
57 7,863,542 Laser processing apparatus and laser processing method as well as debris extraction mechanism and debris extraction method
58 7,863,512 Signal processing device, signal processing method, and program
59 7,863,076 Solid-state image pickup device, method for making same, and image pickup apparatus
60 7,862,361 Electrical flex connector for mounting on a printed circuit board
61 7,861,767 Airflow generating device and electronic apparatus