Sony patents granted on 04 March 2014

40 US patents granted on 04 March 2014 and assigned to Sony

1 8,667,525 Targeted advertisement selection from a digital stream
2 8,667,282 Information processing device, computer program, and information processing system
3 8,666,915 Method and device for information retrieval
4 8,666,834 Item recommendation system, item recommendation method and program
5 8,666,697 Light condensing lens and three-dimensional distance measuring apparatus
6 8,666,225 Digital cinema management device and digital cinema management method
7 8,666,154 Interpolation
8 8,666,121 Vein authentication device which verifies a target that is compared to the extracted piece of vein information of a finger
9 8,666,091 Method for reducing a disturbance in an input signal caused by an output signal in a multi-port connector, multi-port connector, and mobile device
10 8,666,069 Cryptographic processing apparatus and cryptographic processing method, and computer program
11 8,665,966 Video coding apparatus, method of controlling video coding and program of controlling video coding
12 8,665,943 Encoding device, encoding method, encoding program, decoding device, decoding method, and decoding program
13 8,665,840 User interface based on magnetic induction
14 8,665,691 Frame and data pattern structure for multi-carrier systems
15 8,665,688 Optical device, method of manufacturing the same, replica substrate for producing optical device, and method of producing the same
16 8,665,660 Clock handoff circuit and clock handoff method
17 8,665,380 Rapid television channel scan using frequency plans to identify channels
18 8,665,373 Scheme for determining the locations and timing of advertisements and other insertions in media
19 8,665,368 Signal acquisition apparatus and method and signal transmission apparatus and method
20 8,665,363 Solid-state image device, method for producing the same, and image pickup apparatus
21 8,665,352 Method of acquiring physical information and physical information acquiring device
22 8,665,344 Device and method for image processing
23 8,665,343 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, program, and recording medium
24 8,665,315 Signal processing device, reproducing device, signal processing method and program
25 8,665,304 Establishing 3D video conference presentation on 2D display
26 8,665,291 System and method of displaying multiple video feeds
27 8,665,256 Display apparatus and driving controlling method with temporary lowering of power supply potential during mobility correction
28 8,665,237 Information display apparatus with proximity detection performance and information display method using the same
29 8,665,219 Wireless attached reader screen for cell phones
30 8,665,189 Display apparatus and display apparatus driving method
31 8,665,176 Display apparatus
32 8,664,763 Semiconductor apparatus, electronic device, and method of manufacturing semiconductor apparatus
33 8,664,677 Light-emitting element and organic electroluminescent display device
34 8,664,031 Method of manufacturing photodiode intergrated chip
35 8,663,870 Electrochemical device comprising linked bonded bodies
36 8,663,780 Method of fabricating a membrane having a tapered pore
37 8,663,432 Magnetron sputtering apparatus and magnetron sputtering method
38 8,662,937 Audio jack and electronic apparatus containing the same
39 8,662,297 Cover for portable electronic device
40 8,662,295 Storing case for memory card