Sony patents granted on 04 November 2014

62 US patents granted on 04 November 2014 and assigned to Sony

1 RE45,231 Taken-image signal-distortion compensation method, taken-image signal-distortion compensation apparatus, image taking method and image-taking apparatus
2 D716,739 Electrical connector
3 8,881,196 Video playback apparatus, information providing apparatus, information providing system, information providing method and program
4 8,881,043 Information processing apparatus, program, and coordination processing method
5 8,881,016 Initial setup with auto-detection, contextual help and advertisement space
6 8,880,698 Storage of content data in a peer-to-peer network
7 8,880,695 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
8 8,880,675 Method and appartus for use in remote diagnostics
9 8,880,651 Method and system for efficient download of data package
10 8,880,626 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
11 8,880,590 Information processing apparatus and execution control method
12 8,880,395 Source separation by independent component analysis in conjunction with source direction information
13 8,880,222 Robot device, method of controlling robot device, and program
14 8,880,209 3D modeling apparatus, 3D modeling method, and modeled object
15 8,880,206 Touch-sensitive sensor
16 8,880,113 System and method for power control in MIMO systems
17 8,879,900 Image blur correction device and imaging apparatus
18 8,879,892 Generating content data for a video file
19 8,879,891 Advertisement scheme for use with interactive content
20 8,879,885 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
21 8,879,847 Image processing device, method of controlling image processing device, and program for enabling computer to execute same method
22 8,879,840 Image processor, image processing method, and program for shift-changing depth data of an image
23 8,879,787 Information processing device and information processing method
24 8,879,780 Method and device for providing a content stream, content stream, method and device for processing a content stream
25 8,879,721 Audio communication system
26 8,879,648 Transmission and receiving apparatus and method in a multi carrier transmission system
27 8,879,642 Methods and apparatus for concealing corrupted blocks of video data
28 8,879,624 Method and apparatus for coding image information, method and apparatus for decoding image information, method and apparatus for coding and decoding image information, and system of coding and transmitting image information
29 8,879,623 Picture-level rate control for video encoding a scene-change I picture
30 8,879,607 Indoor positioning with rake receivers
31 8,879,315 Storage element and storage device
32 8,879,273 Mobile terminal and casing connecting structure
33 8,879,244 Display device
34 8,879,202 Cartridge drive apparatus with identification hole detection lever
35 8,879,163 Zoom lens and image capturing apparatus
36 8,879,005 Remote control terminal and information processing apparatus
37 8,878,997 Electronic displays having paired canvases
38 8,878,989 Divided image circuit, communication system, and method of transmitting divided image
39 8,878,959 Solid-state imaging device, signal processing method of solid-state imaging device, and electronic apparatus
40 8,878,944 Image processing apparatus and method, image processing system and program
41 8,878,930 Image-capturing device mounting mechanism and image-capturing device
42 8,878,915 Image processing device and image processing method
43 8,878,913 Extended command stream for closed caption disparity
44 8,878,908 3-D auto-convergence camera
45 8,878,869 Image processing device and image processing method
46 8,878,868 Information processing apparatus, information processing method and program
47 8,878,866 Display control device, display control method, and program
48 8,878,861 Conversion between z-scanning indices, raster-scanning indices and 2-D coordinates using simple bit-operations in HEVC
49 8,878,800 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and computer-readable storage medium
50 8,878,776 Information processing system
51 8,878,753 Display apparatus
52 8,878,709 Semiconductor integrated circuit and liquid crystal drive circuit
53 8,878,307 Shared contacts for MOSFET devices
54 8,878,263 Semiconductor device, method for manufacturing same, and solid-state image sensing device
55 8,878,122 Two dimensional solid-state image pickup device with a light condensing element including protrusions separated by recesses
56 8,878,121 Solid-state imaging device with overflow drain region and contract thereto in different stacked substrates
57 8,878,116 Method of manufacturing solid-state imaging element, solid-state imaging element and electronic apparatus
58 8,877,377 Cathode active material, cathode, and non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
59 8,877,320 Microfluidic devices and methods of manufacture thereof
60 8,876,356 Illumination device and display device
61 8,876,355 Light guide, light source apparatus, and reading apparatus
62 8,876,349 Display and electronic unit