Sony patents granted on 04 October 2011

71 US patents granted on 04 October 2011 and assigned to Sony

1 RE42,810 Recording and reproducing apparatus and terminal apparatus
2 D646,280 Combined remote controller and transceiver
3 D646,267 Phone stand
4 D646,222 Battery
5 8,032,919 Method and apparatus for receiving digital broadcasts
6 8,032,912 Control method and control equipment
7 8,032,905 Interactive broadcast system and method with different content displayed to different viewers
8 8,032,683 Data communication system, cradle apparatus, server apparatus and data communication method
9 8,032,663 Information processing system, information processing apparatus and integrated circuit chip
10 8,032,631 Information providing apparatus, information providing method, and program
11 8,032,619 Environment information server
12 8,032,613 System and method for previewing AV data stored in AV server
13 8,032,538 Information processing device, content title display method, and content title display program
14 8,032,502 Validation of network devices
15 8,032,361 Audio processing apparatus and method for processing two sampled audio signals to detect a temporal position
16 8,032,101 Electronic apparatus, dispersion adjustment method of IC internal component section of electronic apparatus and IC
17 8,032,011 Recording medium having recording program recorded therein and recording apparatus and method
18 8,032,008 Content recording/reproduction device, content recording/reproduction method, information processing device, and content recording/reproduction system
19 8,031,974 Imaging apparatus, image editing method and program
20 8,031,960 Wavelet transformation device and method, wavelet inverse transformation device and method, program, and recording medium
21 8,031,958 Image signal processing apparatus, camera system and image signal processing method
22 8,031,945 Image-processing device, image-processing method, program of image-processing method, and recording medium recording program of image-processing method
23 8,031,866 Cryptographic processing apparatus and cryptographic processing method, and computer program
24 8,031,790 Wireless communication device
25 8,031,758 Powerline communication (PLC) modem employing an analog electromagnetic transducer
26 8,031,756 Communication device, communication method, communication system and program
27 8,031,653 Wireless communication device and method for determining a wireless transmission method
28 8,031,631 Information processing apparatus, method, and recording medium for communication through a network in a predetermined area
29 8,031,575 Optical pickup device and recording/reproducing device
30 8,031,571 Signal drive apparatus and optical pickup apparatus using the same
31 8,031,568 Disk device and disk drive controlling method
32 8,031,474 Printed circuit board assembly and method of manufacturing the same
33 8,031,463 Electronic apparatus emitting light through a unitary transparent base chassis
34 8,031,462 Molded component, electronic apparatus, and method of producing a molded component
35 8,031,454 Electronic system with dynamic thermal management
36 8,031,314 Color liquid crystal display panel
37 8,031,310 Liquid crystal display with orthogonal orientation and method of manufacturing the same
38 8,031,264 Wall mount camera
39 8,031,256 Zoom lens and image pickup device
40 8,031,252 Solid-state image capturing device, driving method thereof, camera, electric charge transfer device, driving method and driving device for driving load, and electronic equipment
41 8,031,251 Charge transfer device and a driving method thereof and a driving method for solid-state image sensing device
42 8,031,248 Solid state imaging element having horizontal scanning circuit for providing reset signals
43 8,031,246 Image sensor, electronic apparatus, and driving method of electronic apparatus
44 8,031,241 Solid-state imaging device and imaging apparatus
45 8,031,237 Exposure control method, exposure control apparatus and image pickup apparatus
46 8,031,233 Solid-state image pickup device and method with time division video signal outputs
47 8,031,232 Image pickup apparatus including a first image formation system and a second image formation system, method for capturing image, and method for designing image pickup apparatus
48 8,031,215 Thermal head, thermal printer and manufacturing method of thermal head
49 8,031,208 Drawing apparatus and method for processing plural pixels in parallel
50 8,031,192 System and method for generating additional polygons within the contours of a rendered object to control levels of detail
51 8,031,191 Apparatus and method for generating rendering data of images
52 8,031,188 Digital/analog converter circuit, level shift circuit, shift register utilizing level shift circuit, sampling latch circuit, and liquid crystal display device incorporating the same
53 8,031,162 Display device and method, recording medium, and program
54 8,031,056 Remote controller and remote control method
55 8,030,890 Automatic disconnect of an AC source from a converter
56 8,030,726 Solid-state image sensor and method for manufacturing thereof as well as semiconductor device and method for manufacturing thereof
57 8,030,720 Back-illuminated type solid-state imaging device
58 8,030,708 Insulated gate field-effect transistor
59 8,030,696 Thin film transistor substrate, defect repairing method therefor, and display device
60 8,030,564 Method for selecting and recommending content, server, content playback apparatus, content recording apparatus, and recording medium storing computer program for selecting and recommending content
61 8,030,191 Method of manufacturing micro structure, and method of manufacturing mold material
62 8,030,109 Semiconductor light emitting device, method of manufacturing same, and optical module
63 8,030,100 Chemical sensor
64 8,030,018 Method for measuring enzymatic activity in vivo by use of laser
65 8,029,976 Optical recording medium and optical recording-reproducing method using thereof
66 8,029,932 Anode and battery
67 8,029,879 Display device having pair of glass substrates and method for cutting it
68 8,029,706 Vacuum transfer apparatus and method
69 8,029,311 Female connector structure, male connector structure, battery, adapter and electric device
70 8,029,262 Lubricant composition and article, disk molding stamper, disk molding apparatus, disk forming method, method of forming lubrication coating
71 8,028,582 Marker detection apparatus and marker detection method