Sony patents granted on 04 October 2016

43 US patents granted on 04 October 2016 and assigned to Sony

1 D768,195 Display panel or screen with an icon
2 9,462,536 Wireless communication system, wireless communication apparatus, wireless communication method and computer program
3 9,462,455 Dynamic user recommendations for ban enabled media experiences
4 9,462,434 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
5 9,462,392 Speaker device with a magnetic gap filled with magnetic fluid and changing magnetic flux density in axial and circumferential directions
6 9,462,383 Audio signal processing device and audio signal processing method
7 9,462,331 Display apparatus, video signal transmission method for display apparatus, transmitting apparatus, and transmission method of video signal
8 9,462,297 Image processing device and image processing method
9 9,462,294 Image processing device and method to enable generation of a prediction image
10 9,462,246 Transmission apparatus, method of transmitting image data in high dynamic range, reception apparatus, method of receiving image data in high dynamic range, and program
11 9,462,211 Electronic equipment, control information transmission and reception methods having bidirectional communication using predetermined lines
12 9,462,201 Solid-state imaging device and electronic equipment
13 9,462,200 Solid-state image pickup apparatus, signal processing method for a solid-state image pickup apparatus, and electronic apparatus
14 9,462,190 Imaging apparatus, an electronic device, and imaging method to uniformize distribution of incident light, and a photostimulated luminescence detection scanner
15 9,462,052 Input handover from a first device to a second device
16 9,461,899 Communication control device, program, and communication control method
17 9,461,712 Power transmission device, power transmission method, and power transmission system
18 9,461,708 Power supply control device, method of controlling the same, and power supply control system
19 9,461,672 Signal quality evaluation apparatus, signal quality evaluation method, and reproducing device
20 9,461,274 Organic light emitting device and display unit
21 9,461,251 Anthracene derivative and organic electroluminescence device using the same
22 9,461,197 Light-emitting element wafer, light emitting element, electronic apparatus, and method of producing light-emitting element wafer
23 9,461,087 Solid-state imaging device, imaging apparatus, and method of driving the solid-state imaging device
24 9,461,085 Solid-state imaging device and manufacturing method of the same, and electronic apparatus
25 9,461,082 Solid state imaging apparatus and method of producing the same
26 9,461,081 Solid-state imaging device, method of manufacturing solid-state imaging device, and electronic apparatus
27 9,460,748 Optical disk apparatus, control method, control program and information storage medium
28 9,460,669 Display device having shared column lines
29 9,460,535 Information processing device, information processing method, and program
30 9,460,532 Imaging device, image signal processing method, and program
31 9,460,531 Effect control device, effect control method, and program
32 9,460,486 Image display system, information processing device, server, and image processing method
33 9,460,337 Information processor and information processing method
34 9,460,323 Tag powersave
35 9,460,204 Apparatus and method for scene change detection-based trigger for audio fingerprinting analysis
36 9,459,827 Information processing apparatus, method for processing information, and program
37 9,459,686 Electronic device, control method of electronic device, and program
38 9,459,514 Camera apparatus and method for generating image signal for viewfinder
39 9,459,213 Method of detecting nucleic acids, method of optically observing sample and fluorescent substance
40 9,459,182 Microchip and particle analyzing apparatus
41 9,457,275 Information processing device
42 9,457,270 Level server system for peer-to-peer cooperative games
43 9,456,732 Image processing device and image processing method