Sony patents granted on 05 April 2016

26 US patents granted on 05 April 2016 and assigned to Sony

1 D753,327 Light
2 D753,159 Display panel or screen with graphical user interface
3 D753,075 Television
4 9,307,682 Apparatus and method for dissipating heat
5 9,307,667 Display device
6 9,307,617 Illumination apparatus and storage medium
7 9,307,552 Apparatus and method for communicating uplink signaling information
8 9,307,464 Cellular communication system, apparatus and method for handover
9 9,307,173 Signal processing circuit, solid-state imaging device, and camera system
10 9,307,167 Image pickup device and image pickup display system for reducing afterimage in image output
11 9,307,134 Automatic setting of zoom, aperture and shutter speed based on scene depth map
12 9,307,125 Position detection device, lens barrel, and imaging apparatus
13 9,307,121 Conversion circuit, image processing device, and conversion method that perform A/D conversion of an image signal
14 9,306,787 Signal processing device, signal processing method, receiving device, and receiving method
15 9,306,659 Radio communication system
16 9,306,420 Power management system and power management method
17 9,306,283 Antenna device and method for increasing loop antenna communication range
18 9,306,280 Mobile terminal
19 9,306,162 Interfacial cap for electrode contacts in memory cell arrays
20 9,305,958 Solid-state image sensing apparatus and electronic apparatus to improve quality of an image
21 9,305,490 Pixel selection control method, driving circuit, display apparatus and electronic instrument
22 9,305,400 Method and system for augmented reality
23 9,304,399 Resist composition and method for producing semiconductor device
24 9,304,322 Phase difference element and display unit
25 9,304,085 Laser scanning microscope system and method of setting laser-light intensity value
26 9,303,796 Method of producing flow channel device, and flow channel device