Sony patents granted on 05 August 2008

34 US patents granted on 05 August 2008 and assigned to Sony

1 7,409,702 Auxiliary program association table
2 7,409,695 Disc drive apparatus
3 7,409,570 Multiprocessor system for decrypting and resuming execution of an executing program after transferring the program code between two processors via a shared main memory upon occurrence of predetermined condition
4 7,409,554 Data processing system, memory device, data processing unit, and data processing method and program
5 7,409,480 Electronic equipment, method of receiving data, method of transmitting data, method of setting channel and method of grouping electronic equipment into channels
6 7,409,441 Display apparatus for accessing desired web site
7 7,409,252 Recording and/or reproducing apparatus and recording apparatus
8 7,409,231 Information processing apparatus and method, and recording medium
9 7,409,150 Lens driving mechanism, lens unit and image pickup device
10 7,409,148 Waterproof type electronic device
11 7,409,144 Video and audio information processing
12 7,409,142 Receiving apparatus, receiving method, and supplying medium
13 7,409,141 Data processing
14 7,409,098 Image processing apparatus and method for coding with complexity-based quantization
15 7,409,075 Image processing apparatus and method, program, and recording medium
16 7,409,074 Information processing apparatus and system using pixel data
17 7,409,063 Contents distribution system
18 7,408,954 Communication method for transmitting streaming data
19 7,408,886 Method for providing mobile phone user with accurate capability indicator
20 7,408,862 Writable recording medium identification information recording method information recording device identification information reproduction method and information reproduction device
21 7,408,853 Reproduction-only recording medium, reproducing apparatus, reproducing method, and disk manufacturing method
22 7,408,709 Screen and method for manufacturing the same
23 7,408,594 Electronic switch for TV signal booster
24 7,408,585 Auto-focus apparatus, focus adjusting method, image capturing apparatus and image capturing method
25 7,408,579 Solid-state imaging device
26 7,408,300 Alternating current driven type plasma display device and production method therefor
27 7,408,184 Functional molecular element and functional molecular device
28 7,407,840 Display device, method of production of the same, and projection type display device
29 7,407,730 Exposure pattern or mask and inspection method and manufacture method for the same
30 7,407,722 Gas diffusing electrode body, method of manufacturing the same and electrochemical device
31 7,407,264 Liquid discharging apparatus and liquid discharging method
32 D574,360 Combined disc player and amplifier
33 D574,345 Television receiver
34 D574,340 Television receiver