Sony patents granted on 05 August 2014

72 US patents granted on 05 August 2014 and assigned to Sony

1 8,799,979 Electronic apparatus and method for turning off firewall of electronic apparatus
2 8,799,975 System and method for providing content associated with a television broadcast
3 8,799,962 Display control system, display control device, and display control method
4 8,799,948 EPG aligning events by time on cylinder
5 8,799,945 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and computer program
6 8,799,939 Video receiving apparatus and video receiving method
7 8,799,781 Information processing apparatus reproducing moving image and displaying thumbnails, and information processing method thereof
8 8,799,739 Receiving apparatus, receiving method, program, and receiving system
9 8,799,604 Data storage apparatus, information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
10 8,799,565 Memory controlling device
11 8,799,521 System and method for receiving control commands at a peripheral device
12 8,799,500 System and method for effectively providing content to client devices in an electronic network
13 8,799,435 Managing apparatus, information processing apparatus, program, and information processing system
14 8,799,384 Transmitting method and transmitting device, receiving method and receiving device, and transfer method and transfer system
15 8,799,370 Share web feeds through messaging
16 8,799,357 Methods and systems for use in providing a remote user interface
17 8,799,283 Apparatus and method for playlist creation based on liking of person specified in an image
18 8,799,169 Method for recommendation of audio
19 8,799,168 Secure transfer of online privileges including non-financial options
20 8,799,104 Auction system, auction processing apparatus, auction processing method, and information processing system and method of same
21 8,799,098 Customized marketing
22 8,798,692 Wireless headphones with dual antennas
23 8,798,641 Method and apparatus for location prediction
24 8,798,620 Methods and systems for estimating available capacity of a base station within a wireless communications network
25 8,798,567 Gain control circuit and receiving system
26 8,798,542 Information processing apparatus and method
27 8,798,395 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
28 8,798,390 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
29 8,798,379 Image processing method, encoding device, decoding device, and image processing apparatus
30 8,798,326 Photographed image storage control unit, photographed image storage control method, photographed image storage control program, and storage medium stored with the photographed image storage control program
31 8,798,309 Speaker device with a magnetic gap filled with magnetic fluid and changing magnetic flux density in axial and circumferential direction
32 8,798,307 Speaker unit
33 8,798,274 Acoustic apparatus, acoustic adjustment method and program
34 8,798,261 Data protection using distributed security key
35 8,798,203 Signal processing apparatus and signal processing method
36 8,798,167 Encoder and its method
37 8,798,143 System method and apparatus for seamlessly splicing data
38 8,798,075 Peer to peer connection
39 8,798,061 Communication apparatus, communication method, and computer program
40 8,798,019 Wireless communication device, wireless communication method, program, and wireless communication system
41 8,797,925 Method, base station and mobile station for TDD operation in a communication system
42 8,797,782 Semiconductor device and operation method thereof
43 8,797,755 Wiring board and manufacturing method of wiring board
44 8,797,697 High frequency integrated circuit
45 8,797,656 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus
46 8,797,484 Display apparatus
47 8,797,477 Display
48 8,797,465 Applications for remote control devices with added functionalities
49 8,797,460 Reception apparatus, reception method, and program
50 8,797,458 Image display apparatus and image processing apparatus
51 8,797,433 Image processing apparatus and image processing method and program
52 8,797,403 Image processing apparatus, image processing system, and filter setting method
53 8,797,385 Robot device and method of controlling robot device
54 8,797,367 Display device, display device drive method, and computer program
55 8,797,360 Image display device, method for controlling image display device, and information storage medium
56 8,797,348 Image display apparatus, image display method, and information storage medium
57 8,797,331 Information processing apparatus, system, and method thereof
58 8,797,312 Display apparatus and driving controlling method with temporary lowering of power supply potential during mobility correction
59 8,797,283 Method and apparatus for performing user-defined macros
60 8,797,260 Inertially trackable hand-held controller
61 8,797,241 Display device that switches light emission states multiple times during one field period
62 8,797,208 Active radar system and method
63 8,797,151 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, program, control target device, and information processing system
64 8,796,657 Memory element and memory device
65 8,795,886 Anode and secondary battery
66 8,795,870 Lithium ion secondary battery, electronic device, electric power tool, electrical vehicle, and electric power storage system
67 8,795,805 Optical disc recording medium and method of manufacturing optical disc
68 8,795,500 Apparatus and microchip for sorting micro particles
69 8,795,497 Cell sorter and cell sorting method
70 8,795,138 Combining data sources to provide accurate effort monitoring
71 8,795,089 Game device, image processing method, and information recording medium
72 8,795,076 Advertising impression determination