Sony patents granted on 05 February 2008

34 US patents granted on 05 February 2008 and assigned to Sony

1 RE40,044 Data recording apparatus and method, data reproducing apparatus and method, data recording/reproducing apparatus and method, and transmission medium
2 D561,230 Digital camera
3 D561,203 Digital audio player
4 D561,202 Digital audio player
5 D561,201 Digital audio player
6 D561,200 Digital audio player
7 D561,199 Audio player
8 D561,190 Controller for arithmetic and control unit
9 D561,186 Port replicator
10 D561,160 Mobile phone
11 7,328,458 Authoring system, authoring key generator, authoring device, authoring method, and data supply device, information terminal and information distribution method
12 7,328,447 Optical recording medium manufacturing device, method, optical recording medium, reproduction device, method, recording device, and method
13 7,328,402 Change detection in a hierarchical directory using messages having a filtering mask
14 7,328,102 Navigation intervention apparatus, intervention method and vehicle navigation system
15 7,327,953 Zoom lens and imaging device
16 7,327,934 Data reproduction apparatus, data recording apparatus, circuit element, data reproduction method and data recording method
17 7,327,878 Image pickup apparatus
18 7,327,796 SOVA turbo decoder with decreased normalisation complexity
19 7,327,669 OFDM modem system
20 7,327,662 Optical pickup and optical disk drive
21 7,327,645 Dubbing apparatus for dubbing data
22 7,327,644 Optical pickup and disc drive apparatus
23 7,327,640 Recording and reproducing apparatus, recording and reproducing method, and storage medium
24 7,327,581 Circuit device
25 7,327,534 Ultra fast backup (UFB) tape cartridge and method for loading same
26 7,327,523 Optical element
27 7,327,517 Optical multilayer film and reflective screen
28 7,327,397 Image processing with pixel interpolation
29 7,327,319 Antenna device, radio device, and electronic instrument
30 7,327,277 Information transmission apparatus, information transmission method, and monitoring apparatus
31 7,327,065 Motor, stator for the same, and manufacturing method thereof
32 7,326,940 Exposure apparatus, exposure method and semiconductor device production method
33 7,326,436 Magnetic recording medium and method of fabricating the same
34 7,325,452 Vibrating gyroscopic sensor and method of adjusting vibrating gyroscopic sensor