Sony patents granted on 05 January 2016

46 US patents granted on 05 January 2016 and assigned to Sony

1 RE45,833 Non-aqueous electrolyte cell and solid electrolyte cell
2 D746,839 Display panel or screen with a graphical user interface
3 D746,838 Display panel or screen with a graphical user interface
4 9,232,613 Light-emitting device, method of controlling light-emitting device, and program
5 9,232,336 Head related transfer function generation apparatus, head related transfer function generation method, and sound signal processing apparatus
6 9,232,335 Networked speaker system with follow me
7 9,232,308 Headphone device, wearing state detection device, and wearing state detection method
8 9,232,294 Earphone device
9 9,232,281 Communication management apparatus, terminal, communication management system, communication management method, program, and information storage medium
10 9,232,247 System and method for correlating audio and/or images presented to a user with facial characteristics and expressions of the user
11 9,232,227 Codeword space reduction for intra chroma mode signaling for HEVC
12 9,232,208 Systems and methods for detecting image properties
13 9,232,205 Information processing device, information processing method and program
14 9,232,175 Generating multiple shots in storyboarding
15 9,231,927 Information processing apparatus, data generation method, information processing method, and information processing system for updating and verifying software programs
16 9,231,720 Interface circuit for transmitting and receiving digital signals between devices
17 9,231,552 RF front-end module and mobile wireless terminal
18 9,231,478 Step-down direct-current to direct-current converter, controller and control method thereof, and electronic apparatus using same
19 9,231,430 Power supply system, charging system, and charging control device including a battery and a charging device with a shape of hexagonal cylinder
20 9,231,375 Semiconductor device
21 9,231,370 Group III nitride semiconductor light emitting device
22 9,231,280 Power storage apparatus and electric vehicle
23 9,231,200 Memory element and memory device
24 9,231,016 Method of manufacturing a solid-state image pickup apparatus improved spectral balance
25 9,231,003 Solid-state imaging device, method for manufacturing solid-state imaging device, and imaging apparatus
26 9,230,352 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and computer program product
27 9,230,336 Video surveillance
28 9,230,298 Information processing device, and information processing system
29 9,230,248 Physical-quantity receiving device and physical-quantity supplying device with payment receiving feature
30 9,230,058 Image processing device, image processing method and program
31 9,230,018 Mobile audio player with individualized radio program
32 9,229,742 Registration of electronic device to server
33 9,229,714 Memory control apparatus, memory apparatus, information processing system, and processing method for use therewith
34 9,229,622 Visual treatment for a tile-based user interface in a content integration framework
35 9,229,604 User interface element
36 9,229,587 Capacitive touchscreen sensor apparatus and display apparatus
37 9,229,533 Information processing apparatus, method, and program for gesture recognition and control
38 9,229,529 Apparatus and control method based on motion
39 9,229,528 Input apparatus using connectable blocks, information processing system, information processor, and information processing method
40 9,229,505 Power control apparatus
41 9,229,480 Electronic device having a display unit and a main unit rotatably connected together by a hinge
42 9,229,244 Image-blur correction device, image-blur correction method, and image capture apparatus
43 9,229,211 Imaging apparatus, imaging control program, and imaging method
44 9,228,950 Optical detector
45 9,228,852 Information processing device, display control method, a program, and an information storage medium
46 9,227,139 Virtualization system and method for hosting applications