Sony patents granted on 05 July 2011

44 US patents granted on 05 July 2011 and assigned to Sony

1 D641,025 Disc player
2 D641,016 Electronic display device
3 7,975,276 Content providing system and method, content providing apparatus and method, content receiver and method, recording medium, and program
4 7,975,269 Parallel processor methods and apparatus
5 7,975,237 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and storage medium containing information processing program with rotary operation
6 7,975,230 Information-processing apparatus, information-processing methods, recording mediums, and programs
7 7,975,206 Information recording device and method, information reproducing device and method, recording medium, program, and disc recording medium
8 7,975,148 Information recording medium reproducing method, information recording medium, reproducing apparatus and information medium managing method
9 7,975,088 Connection detecting information processing apparatus
10 7,975,085 Signal processing device and control method, signal processing method, program, and signal processing system
11 7,975,055 Methods for discovering a phone-based web server and related electronic devices and computer program products
12 7,974,954 Recording method, recording apparatus, and record medium
13 7,974,841 Electronic devices and methods that adapt filtering of a microphone signal responsive to recognition of a targeted speaker’s voice
14 7,974,782 Navigation system
15 7,974,641 Communication terminal apparatus and computer program
16 7,974,597 Power amplifier system and mobile phone terminal using same
17 7,974,363 Receiver, receiving method, filter circuit, and control method
18 7,974,345 Image processing apparatus and associated methodology of creating motion compensating vectors
19 7,974,297 Quality of service queue management in home mesh network
20 7,974,281 Multiplexer and multiplexing method, program, and recording medium
21 7,974,273 Data transmitting apparatus and data receiving apparatus
22 7,974,256 Radio communication system, radio communication apparatus and method
23 7,973,889 Liquid crystal display having interval adjustment layer between substrates and method of producing the same
24 7,973,881 Plane light source apparatus and liquid crystal display apparatus
25 7,973,863 Liquid crystal display apparatus
26 7,973,852 Auto-focus apparatus, image capture apparatus, and auto-focus method
27 7,973,832 Image pickup apparatus and registration call image pickup mode
28 7,973,784 Electro-optical device, drive circuit, and electronic apparatus
29 7,973,783 Power circuit, display device and mobile terminal implementing a boosting circuit
30 7,973,782 Display apparatus, driving method of the same and electronic equipment using the same
31 7,973,711 Controlling satellite navigation receivers in response to low frequency electromagnetic signals
32 7,973,695 Electronic apparatus, AD converter, and AD conversion method
33 7,973,581 Phase detector, phase comparator, and clock synchronizing device
34 7,973,513 Systems and methods for ubiquitous charging
35 7,973,434 Power supply system employing conductive fluid
36 7,973,319 Display unit, method of manufacturing same, organic light emitting unit, and method of manufacturing same
37 7,973,271 Solid-state image pickup device, method for manufacturing solid-state image pickup device, and camera
38 7,972,722 Lead sealant film and non-aqueous electrolyte battery
39 7,972,717 Battery
40 7,972,673 Optical recording medium
41 7,972,442 Photoplate for OLED deposition screen
42 7,972,211 Pattern codes used for interactive control of computer applications
43 7,972,007 Image generating apparatus using a mirror common to a plurality of optical paths
44 7,971,915 Nozzle unit