Sony patents granted on 05 June 2012

63 US patents granted on 05 June 2012 and assigned to Sony

1 RE43,454 Disc cartridge including an inner shell formed by severing a molded portion and a flanged thin-walled section
2 D661,297 Computer
3 D661,280 Combine speaker box and amplifier
4 8,195,945 Secure digital certificate storing scheme for flash memory and electronic apparatus
5 8,195,925 Apparatus and method for efficient caching via addition of branch into program block being processed
6 8,195,821 Autonomous information processing apparatus and method in a network of information processing apparatuses
7 8,195,801 Data processing method, data processing system, and recording medium utilizing computing resources on a network having a limited operating range
8 8,195,796 Observation device, method, and computer program product for replacing content
9 8,195,740 Content providing system, receiving apparatus and method, storage medium, and program
10 8,195,737 Process management apparatus, computer systems, distributed processing method, and computer program
11 8,195,708 Information retaining apparatus, information processing system, information processing method and program
12 8,195,677 Recording medium, recording device, recording method, data search device, data search method, and data generating device
13 8,195,639 Information processing apparatus, music distribution system, music distribution method and computer program
14 8,195,586 Data processing apparatus, data processing method, and computer program for setting targets in a range and taking action to attain the target
15 8,195,451 Apparatus and method for detecting speech and music portions of an audio signal
16 8,195,317 Data reproduction apparatus and data reproduction method
17 8,195,211 System and method for using SMS and tagged message to send position and travel information to server and/or peers
18 8,195,145 User interface unit for a telephone
19 8,195,029 Content viewing support apparatus and content viewing support method, and computer program
20 8,195,027 Signal processing method, signal processing apparatus, signal processing system, and machine readable storage medium storing control information of signal processing apparatus
21 8,195,024 Stream generating apparatus, imaging apparatus, data processing apparatus and stream generating method
22 8,194,996 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, image processing program, and image capturing apparatus
23 8,194,995 Fast camera auto-focus
24 8,194,994 Apparatus and method for reducing motion blur in a video signal
25 8,194,934 Apparatus for and method of using reliability information to produce and update image recognition data
26 8,194,898 Sound reproducing system and sound reproducing method
27 8,194,851 Voice processing apparatus, voice processing system, and voice processing program
28 8,194,832 Methods, systems and devices for providing voice mail caller identification for display on a telephone
29 8,194,736 Video data compression with integrated lossy and lossless compression
30 8,194,720 Wireless communication system, wireless communication apparatus and wireless communication method
31 8,194,631 System and method for providing data to a wireless communication device
32 8,194,593 Quality of service architecture for home mesh network
33 8,194,557 Communication system and method, information processing apparatus and method, information processing terminal and method
34 8,194,529 Frame and data pattern structure for multi-carrier systems
35 8,194,517 Hologram recording and reproducing device and method for recording hologram
36 8,194,469 Optical sensor element, imaging device, electronic equipment and memory element
37 8,194,443 Memory device and memory
38 8,194,213 Liquid crystal display panel
39 8,194,205 Electro-optical device, light receiving device, and electronic apparatus
40 8,194,202 Electro-optical device and electronic apparatus
41 8,194,176 Switching mechanism for optical component, lens barrel, and imaging device
42 8,194,167 Imaging apparatus and display control method
43 8,194,163 Solid-state pickup apparatus, its driving method and camera system
44 8,194,156 EXIF object coordinates
45 8,194,155 Information processing apparatus, buffer control method, and computer program
46 8,194,153 Imaging apparatus, imaging method and program
47 8,194,143 Digital camera apparatus and recording method thereof
48 8,194,135 Rendering unobstructed views in a gaming environment
49 8,194,104 Liquid-crystal display device and drive control circuit
50 8,194,094 Image display apparatus and driving method thereof, and image display apparatus assembly and driving method thereof
51 8,194,078 Program execution system, program execution device and recording medium and computer executable program therefor
52 8,194,033 Reproducing device, setting changing method, and setting changing device
53 8,194,027 Liquid crystal device, light emitting device, electronic apparatus, method of controlling liquid crystal device, and method of controlling light emitting device
54 8,193,999 Display device
55 8,193,902 Remote control handset
56 8,193,699 Display unit having insulating film with tapered portions
57 8,193,443 Photovoltaic cell
58 8,193,295 Amide group-containing siloxane amine compound
59 8,193,008 Method of forming semiconductor thin film and semiconductor thin film inspection apparatus
60 8,192,862 Battery pack and method of manufacturing the same
61 8,192,286 System for secure transfer of online privileges
62 8,192,050 Illumination device for visual inspection and visual inspection apparatus
63 8,191,672 Storage system, storage panel, and storage wall