Sony patents granted on 05 November 2013

76 US patents granted on 05 November 2013 and assigned to Sony

1 RE44,581 Music marking system
2 RE44,569 System and method for filling content gaps
3 D692,853 Headphone
4 D692,823 Rechargeable battery
5 8,578,508 Information recording medium manufacturing system, apparatus, and method for recording in an information recording medium contents and contents code files
6 8,578,438 Content supply system, content supply apparatus and method, content playback apparatus and method, and program
7 8,578,417 Information processing device and editing method
8 8,578,415 Information providing method, content display terminal, portable terminal, server device, information providing system and program
9 8,578,286 Information processing device, information processing method, and program
10 8,578,237 Data processing apparatus and data processing method
11 8,577,962 Server apparatus, client apparatus, content recommendation method, and program
12 8,577,944 Signal processing device, signal processing method, and signal level display device
13 8,577,808 Methods for securely distributing computer software products
14 8,577,800 Data sending/receiving method and apparatus, data receiving apparatus and data sending apparatus
15 8,577,513 Power system, power receiving apparatus, and power transmission control method
16 8,577,479 Power transmitting apparatus, power receiving apparatus, power transmission method, program, and power transmission system
17 8,577,417 Methods, devices, and computer program products for limiting search scope based on navigation of a menu screen
18 8,577,406 Communication device, transmission power control method, and program
19 8,577,293 Communication system and communication device
20 8,577,219 Imaging apparatus and method of calculating usable time of imaging apparatus
21 8,577,210 Image editing apparatus, image editing method and program
22 8,577,207 Information signal processing apparatus and method, information signal processing system and method, and information signal playback apparatus and method
23 8,577,200 Content editing apparatus, content editing method and program
24 8,577,152 Method of and apparatus for classifying image
25 8,577,146 Methods and devices that use an image-captured pointer for selecting a portion of a captured image
26 8,577,142 Image processing device, image processing method and program with improved image contrast
27 8,577,138 Color rolling detection method and detection device
28 8,577,137 Image processing apparatus and method, and program
29 8,577,082 Security device and system
30 8,577,076 Speaker device
31 8,577,054 Signal processing apparatus, signal processing method, and program
32 8,577,040 Data transmitting method and apparatus, and data communication method and apparatus
33 8,577,023 Encryption processing method, apparatus, and computer program utilizing different types of S-boxes
34 8,576,950 Reception apparatus, reception method, demodulation apparatus, demodulation method, and program
35 8,576,902 Receiving device and method, demodulating device and method, and program
36 8,576,681 Optical information recording medium, optical information recording apparatus and optical information recording method
37 8,576,608 Memory apparatus
38 8,576,499 Imaging lens and imaging apparatus
39 8,576,486 Optical film, antireflection optical element and master
40 8,576,484 Display apparatus
41 8,576,483 Microscope and focusing method
42 8,576,344 Projection control device, projection control method, and program
43 8,576,340 Ambient light effects and chrominance control in video files
44 8,576,328 Image pickup apparatus and display control method
45 8,576,321 Imaging apparatus, method of controlling the same, and computer program
46 8,576,317 Solid-state image pickup apparatus signal processing method for a solid-state image pickup apparatus, and electronic apparatus
47 8,576,315 Imaging device and imaging apparatus for performing focus alignment
48 8,576,311 Image processing apparatus, image processing method and manufacturing apparatus
49 8,576,309 Pixel defect correction device, imaging apparatus, pixel defect correction method, and program
50 8,576,305 Image pickup apparatus and method of correcting captured image data
51 8,576,302 Imaging apparatus comprising color image pickup device and monochrome image pickup device
52 8,576,299 Solid-state imaging device with pixels having photodiodes with different exposure times, signal processing method of solid-state imaging device, and electronic apparatus
53 8,576,287 Methods and apparatus for jiggling correction in images
54 8,576,284 Monitoring system, monitoring apparatus and monitoring method
55 8,576,228 Composite transition nodes for use in 3D data generation
56 8,576,219 Linear interpolation of triangles using digital differential analysis
57 8,576,213 Display apparatus and driving controlling method
58 8,576,168 Input apparatus, control apparatus, control system, control method, and handheld apparatus
59 8,576,165 Input device and method, information processing apparatus and method, information processing system, and program
60 8,576,053 Near field communication device and method for near field communication
61 8,575,980 PLL circuit, error correcting method for the same, and communication apparatus including the same
62 8,575,711 Storage element and memory
63 8,575,661 Solid-state image pick-up device and manufacturing method thereof, image-pickup apparatus, semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof, and semiconductor substrate
64 8,575,658 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing same
65 8,575,643 Light-emitting device
66 8,575,626 Bi-section semiconductor laser device, method for manufacturing the same, and method for driving the same
67 8,575,583 Memory storage device having a variable resistance memory storage element
68 8,574,952 Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
69 8,574,941 Method for manufacturing solid-state imaging device
70 8,574,761 Battery
71 8,574,699 Recording medium and method for manufacturing recording medium
72 8,574,688 Blue phase liquid crystal composition
73 8,574,465 Organic polymeric photon up-conversion nanoparticles for biological applications
74 8,574,078 Game apparatus, communication apparatus, wireless game controller, and game system
75 8,574,074 Advertising impression determination
76 8,573,485 Information processing apparatus and method and program for mediating applications