Sony patents granted on 06 August 2013

60 US patents granted on 06 August 2013 and assigned to Sony

1 RE44,420 Decoding apparatus, decoding method, and program to decode low density parity check codes
2 D687,561 Flow cytometer
3 D687,477 Video camera
4 8,505,052 Broadcasting system and reception apparatus
5 8,505,041 Disk cartridge with internal rotatable locking mechanism
6 8,504,944 Image processing apparatus, method of displaying image, image display program, and recording medium having image display program for displaying image recorded thereon
7 8,504,939 Vertical click and drag to drill down into metadata on user interface for audio video display device such as TV
8 8,504,843 Process and apparatus for automatically identifying user of consumer electronics
9 8,504,736 File input/output scheduler
10 8,504,709 Adaptive streaming buffering
11 8,504,695 Information processing apparatus, data acquisition method, and program
12 8,504,607 Information processing device, information processing method, recording medium, and program
13 8,504,591 Data generating device and data generating method, and data processing device and data processing method
14 8,504,487 Evolution of a user interface based on learned idiosyncrasies and collected data of a user
15 8,504,434 Communication device, communication method, and communication system
16 8,504,036 Automatic selection of a background image for a display on a mobile telephone
17 8,503,998 Wireless communication terminal and wireless communication method
18 8,503,932 Portable communication device and remote motion input device
19 8,503,871 Imaging system, mount adaptor, imaging apparatus, and program
20 8,503,866 Wish list for television recording
21 8,503,859 Apparatus and reproducing method, for reproducing content data recorded on a recording medium
22 8,503,828 Image processing device, image processing method, and computer program for performing super resolution
23 8,503,809 Information processing apparatus and method to entropy code upon processing of predetermined number of precincts
24 8,503,804 Image signal decoding apparatus and image signal decoding method
25 8,503,792 Patch description and modeling for image subscene recognition
26 8,503,777 Geometric feature based image description and fast image retrieval
27 8,503,770 Information processing apparatus and method, and program
28 8,503,768 Shape description and modeling for image subscene recognition
29 8,503,736 Registration device and registration method for biometric authentication, authentication device and authentication method for biometric authentication
30 8,503,735 Image processing to perform grouping based on depth-of-relationship values
31 8,503,726 Image processing device, object tracking device, and image processing method
32 8,503,682 Head-related transfer function convolution method and head-related transfer function convolution device
33 8,503,669 Integrated latency detection and echo cancellation
34 8,503,586 Receiving apparatus and method with clock drift estimation and compensation
35 8,503,583 Receiver, receiving method, program and receiving system
36 8,503,542 Methods and apparatus to reduce blocking noise and contouring effect in motion compensated compressed video
37 8,503,531 Image processing apparatus and method, recording medium, and program
38 8,503,526 Video encoder with multiple outputs having different attributes
39 8,503,510 Communication device, noise removing method, and program
40 8,503,490 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
41 8,503,403 Network control of uplink transmit timing for compressed mode
42 8,503,331 Wireless communication device, wireless communication system, program and wireless communication method
43 8,502,914 Circuit-substrate support structure and image-acquisition device
44 8,502,911 Image pickup apparatus, display and image processing apparatus
45 8,502,903 Image processing apparatus, image processing method and program for superimposition display
46 8,502,899 Solid-state imaging device, imaging device, electronic equipment, A/D converter and A/D conversion method
47 8,502,890 Switcher control device, switcher control method, and image synthesizing apparatus
48 8,502,879 Camera system and method for taking photographs that correspond to user preferences
49 8,502,826 Music-visualizer system and methods
50 8,502,825 Avatar email and methods for communicating between real and virtual worlds
51 8,502,810 Display device and display method
52 8,502,808 Image display apparatus
53 8,502,774 Input apparatus, control apparatus, control system, control method, and handheld apparatus
54 8,502,756 Image display device with imaging unit
55 8,502,738 Electronic device
56 8,502,578 Timing adjustment circuit, solid-state image pickup element, and camera system
57 8,502,551 Electronic component and inspection system
58 8,501,284 Blue phase liquid crystal composition
59 8,500,310 Indication plate
60 8,499,651 Detecting device