Sony patents granted on 06 December 2011

73 US patents granted on 06 December 2011 and assigned to Sony

1 D649,960 Microphone
2 D649,955 Portable recorder
3 8,074,290 System, apparatus, method and computer program for transferring content
4 8,074,254 Recording device, playback device, recording method and playback method
5 8,074,252 Communication system, data processing device, data processing method, data providing device, data providing method, and program
6 8,074,242 System and method for information supply and apparatuses therefor
7 8,074,236 Disk drive device and electronic apparatus
8 8,074,174 GUI application development supporting apparatus, method, and computer program
9 8,074,163 Information processing method and apparatus
10 8,074,156 Decoding method and decoding apparatus
11 8,073,987 PCI express card type peripheral apparatus and host apparatus for accessing parts of protocol ID information stored in storage unit one part after another
12 8,073,898 Display device, display method, and display control program
13 8,073,885 Recording apparatus, file descriptor generation method, and program
14 8,073,676 Method and apparatus for emulation enhancement
15 8,073,649 Portable electronic apparatus, operation control method, operation control program, signal generation apparatus and signal generation method
16 8,073,502 Hinged portable radio communication equipment with a double action hinge
17 8,073,491 Communication system and method
18 8,073,390 Synchronizing satellite positioning system information to features of short-range, ad hoc wireless network protocols
19 8,073,382 Communication device, communicate method for communication device, and communication program for communication device
20 8,073,314 Recording device for recording broadcasted information
21 8,073,313 Moving picture data processing apparatus, stream generating apparatus, imaging apparatus, and moving picture data processing method
22 8,073,296 Optical device, and virtual image display device
23 8,073,274 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, storage medium, and program
24 8,073,265 Image managing apparatus and image display apparatus
25 8,073,260 Image processing apparatus and method, and program
26 8,073,200 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and computer program
27 8,073,157 Methods and apparatus for targeted sound detection and characterization
28 8,073,145 Method and apparatus for separating sound-source signal and method and device for detecting pitch
29 8,073,143 Information processing device and method
30 8,073,140 Encryption/decryption device, encryption/decryption method, and computer program
31 8,073,138 Information input device, and electronic apparatus using same
32 8,073,137 Audio headset
33 8,073,066 Signal receiving apparatus, signal receiving method and program
34 8,073,060 Video synchronization
35 8,073,058 Memory device and device and method for detecting motion vector
36 8,072,961 Communication system, a communication method, and a communication apparatus with request to send features
37 8,072,930 Communication unit, system and method for saving power therein
38 8,072,905 Intelligent interaction between devices in a local network
39 8,072,871 Short-pulse light-source device, laser driving method, optical pickup, and optical disc apparatus
40 8,072,855 Optical recording/reproducing apparatus and optical recording/reproducing method
41 8,072,789 Resistance-change memory device
42 8,072,741 Mobile device shutter door
43 8,072,660 Hologram recording apparatus and hologram reconstruction apparatus
44 8,072,569 Fringe field switching liquid crystal display panel
45 8,072,564 Liquid crystal device having a band-shaped retardation film extending outwardly to a parting area outside of a dummy pixel area
46 8,072,529 Solid-state imaging device and signal processing circuit
47 8,072,528 Solid state imaging device and camera system
48 8,072,522 Solid-state imaging device, imaging apparatus, and electronic apparatus
49 8,072,521 Solid-state imaging device, method for driving solid-state imaging device and imaging apparatus
50 8,072,518 Solid-state imaging device, driving control method thereof, and imaging apparatus
51 8,072,502 Multi-mega pixel resolution with small sensor
52 8,072,499 Image capture device and method
53 8,072,498 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer program
54 8,072,491 Information processing system and method, information processing apparatus, image-capturing device and method, recording medium, and program
55 8,072,470 System and method for providing a real-time three-dimensional interactive environment
56 8,072,432 Image sense tags for digital images
57 8,072,415 Control signal input system and control signal input method
58 8,072,413 Display device, display control method and electronic equipment
59 8,072,412 Backlight, backlight drive apparatus, display apparatus
60 8,072,399 Display device, method of driving same, and electonic device
61 8,072,397 Display apparatus and electronic apparatus
62 8,072,304 Noncontact power-transmission coil, portable terminal and terminal charging device, planar coil magnetic layer formation device, and magnetic layer formation method
63 8,072,148 Fluorescent lamp driving device and liquid crystal display apparatus using the same
64 8,072,139 Light emitting element module and method for sealing light emitting element
65 8,072,135 Organic EL device and display
66 8,072,015 Solid-state imaging device and manufacturing method thereof
67 8,071,985 Display device and method of manufacturing the same
68 8,071,965 Projection optical system and projection-type image display apparatus
69 8,071,929 Automatic focus control unit, electronic device and automatic focus control method
70 8,071,256 Electrochemical energy generating apparatus and method for driving the apparatus
71 8,071,236 Laminated packaging material, and battery using the material
72 8,070,603 Network game system, network game server, and network game terminal
73 8,070,301 Multi-lamp projection display apparatus with lamp management