Sony patents granted on 06 January 2015

69 US patents granted on 06 January 2015 and assigned to Sony

1 RE45,319 Imaging apparatus, information processing apparatus and method, and computer program therefor
2 D720,791 Video camera
3 D720,755 Portable information terminal
4 8,931,024 Receiving apparatus and subtitle processing method
5 8,931,019 Method, device and computer program product for outputting a transport stream
6 8,931,018 Metadata transmission apparatus, metadata reception apparatus, imaging apparatus, and information management program
7 8,931,000 Locally stored content previews: representative of programming content in an electronic programming guide through a graphic image accessed from the hard drive of a set top box
8 8,930,992 TV social network advertising
9 8,930,988 Reception apparatus, reception method, program, and information processing system
10 8,930,981 Television channel mapping techniques
11 8,930,972 Disk drive having chasses with rectifying plates
12 8,930,854 Display method and information processing apparatus
13 8,930,695 Telecommunications apparatus and method, storage medium, and program
14 8,930,561 Addition of supplemental multimedia content and interactive capability at the client
15 8,930,545 Traversal of symmetric network address translator for multiple simultaneous connections
16 8,929,944 Wireless intelligent switch engine
17 8,929,906 Communication system for supporting carrier aggregation and method and apparatus for updating system information thereof
18 8,929,901 Method, base station and mobile station for TDD operation in a communication system
19 8,929,900 Method, base station and mobile station for TDD operation in a communication system
20 8,929,723 Recording apparatus, imaging and recording apparatus, recording method, and program
21 8,929,721 Methods for identification of highlight game events and automated generation of videos for same
22 8,929,716 Information processing device, information processing method, and program
23 8,929,715 Information processing device, information processing method, and program
24 8,929,670 Image processing method and image processing apparatus
25 8,929,653 Signal processing apparatus and method, and program
26 8,929,607 System and method for performing depth estimation utilizing defocused pillbox images
27 8,929,557 Sound image control device and sound image control method
28 8,929,556 Audio-signal processing device and method for processing audio signal
29 8,929,540 Information processing apparatus, information recording medium manufacturing apparatus, information recording medium, method, and computer program
30 8,929,538 Method and apparatus for switching talking modes automatically
31 8,929,448 Inter sub-mode decision process in a transcoding operation
32 8,929,440 QP adaptive coefficients scanning and application
33 8,929,432 Combination A/53 and A/153 receiver using a HIHO viterbi decoder
34 8,929,404 Reception apparatus and method, program and reception system
35 8,929,321 Communication system, method, base station, and communication device
36 8,929,320 Apparatus and method for communicating uplink signaling information
37 8,929,286 Communication appartus, communication method, computer program, and communication system
38 8,929,190 Optical information recording medium and optical information recording medium reproducing apparatus
39 8,928,990 Image blur correction apparatus and imaging apparatus
40 8,928,985 Image blur correction device and imaging apparatus
41 8,928,984 Image display apparatus
42 8,928,812 Ambient light effects based on video via home automation
43 8,928,811 Methods and systems for generating ambient light effects based on video content
44 8,928,788 Solid-state imaging device, method for manufacturing the same, method for driving the same, and electronic apparatus
45 8,928,784 Solid-state imaging device, method of manufacturing the same, and electronic apparatus
46 8,928,773 Image pickup unit and image pickup display system
47 8,928,741 3-D controller system for legacy TV
48 8,928,740 Image display device, image display viewing system and image display method
49 8,928,697 Display apparatus, object display method, and program for displaying objects corresponding to characters
50 8,928,694 Image Processing apparatus receiving editing operation, image display device, and image processing method thereof
51 8,928,655 Display device and display method
52 8,928,647 Inverter circuit and display unit
53 8,928,638 Display device
54 8,928,633 Information processing system and electronic pen
55 8,928,566 Display panel driving method, display apparatus, display panel driving apparatus and electronic apparatus
56 8,928,563 Display device
57 8,928,552 Personal digital assistant, and display control method and display control program thereof
58 8,928,500 State determination device, state determination method, and program
59 8,928,304 Solar cell system with predictive output load control
60 8,928,136 Lead frame semiconductor device
61 8,928,106 Electroconductive element, electroconductive element manufacturing method, wiring element, information input device, display device, and electronic apparatus
62 8,928,103 Solid-state imaging element, method of manufacturing the same, solid-state imaging apparatus, and imaging apparatus
63 8,928,009 Light emitting device, illuminating device, and display device
64 8,927,155 Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery and producing method of electrode
65 8,927,145 Non-aqueous electrolyte battery and positive electrode, and method for manufacturing the same
66 8,926,435 Dual-mode program execution
67 8,926,390 Method for manufacturing organic EL display and organic EL display
68 8,925,800 Financial server, IC card terminal, and financial information processing method
69 8,925,399 Electronic apparatus use environment detecting method, electronic apparatus performance optimizing method and electronic apparatus