Sony patents granted on 06 May 2008

44 US patents granted on 06 May 2008 and assigned to Sony

1 D568,320 Supporter for monitor or television
2 D568,316 Image data communication unit
3 D568,315 Image data communication unit
4 D568,311 Arithmetic and control unit
5 D568,292 Speaker system
6 D568,288 Combined radio receiver and clock
7 D568,275 Combined video tape recorder with a display
8 D568,263 Monitor television receiver
9 D568,244 Battery
10 D568,183 GPS receiver
11 7,370,338 Disc type recording/reproduction device
12 7,370,330 Information processing apparatus having simplified user switching function and program for use therewith
13 7,370,293 Integrated circuit design system, integrated circuit design program, and integrated circuit design method
14 7,370,236 Method for remotely diagnosing devices
15 7,370,205 Content distribution system, content distribution method and terminal device
16 7,370,046 Sort processing method and sort processing apparatus
17 7,369,907 Portable information processor and information processing method
18 7,369,906 Digital audio signal processing
19 7,369,885 Radio device and cellular phone having a notch with a bent-back portion
20 7,369,870 Radio communication system, mobile radio communication apparatus and method therefor, fixed radio communication apparatus and method therefor, recording medium, and program
21 7,369,868 Method and apparatus for sharing content with a remote device using a wireless network
22 7,369,826 Method for monitoring broadcast signals at alternative frequencies and gain control unit
23 7,369,749 System and method for recording and reproducing broadcasting programs
24 7,369,748 Reproducing apparatus and tracking method
25 7,369,745 Data recording device and method, program storage medium, and program
26 7,369,689 Personal authentication system and personal authentication method
27 7,369,686 Robot apparatus, face recognition method, and face recognition apparatus
28 7,369,675 Data processing apparatus and method
29 7,369,667 Acoustic image localization signal processing device
30 7,369,612 Video decoder and method for using the same
31 7,369,594 Semiconductor laser
32 7,369,497 Data communication speed control system, transmitter apparatus and receiver apparatus
33 7,369,473 Record medium, recording method for record medium, output controlling method, reproducing apparatus, record and reproduction controlling method, recording method, record and reproduction method, and recording and/or reproducing method
34 7,369,409 Apparatus, method, and control program for cooling electronic devices
35 7,369,313 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus
36 7,369,289 Optical modulation device and image display apparatus using the same
37 7,369,213 Exposure method using complementary divided mask, exposure apparatus, semiconductor device, and method of producing the same
38 7,369,142 Image-displaying apparatus and method for obtaining pixel data therefor
39 7,369,112 Display and method for driving the same
40 7,368,985 High frequency power amplifier and transmitter
41 7,368,945 Logic circuit, timing generation circuit, display device, and portable terminal
42 7,368,359 Method for manufacturing semiconductor substrate and semiconductor substrate
43 7,367,560 Suction device and method of conveying laminated sheet
44 7,367,511 Interface card design and method of manufacture